Victor Villarreal Killed In Motorcycle Accident

According to, metal vocalist Victor Villarreal, known as Vikk Real of both One of Sixx and Byfist, was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. The San Antonio, Texas-based Villarreal was only 41 years old.

The Bexar County Sherriff’s Office reports that Villarreal’s motorcycle was struck by a horse trailer hauled by a pickup truck at 10:00PM on Saturday night near the intersection of Potranco Road and Sundance Crest. According to the accident reports, Villarreal was attempting to make a U-turn when he struck the passing horse trailer. Friends said the singer was trying to turn around so he could reconvene with a riding partner who had broken down. The incident has being deemed an accident by the authorities and no charges are expected to be filed.

This is not the first time a motorcycle tragedy has struck the Villarreal family. In an eerie, heartbreaking coincidence, Villarreal’s wife Jessica was killed last July while riding her cycle out to Medina Lake. She was killed on her 37th birthday.

Villarreal was the singer of One of Sixx and his wife sang back up vocals. They are survived by two children: a son, 17, and a daughter, 11. Family members are said to be helping the children cope with the devastating loss of both parents in a year’s time.

As if this news weren’t sad enough, the superstition that bad things happen in threes appears to be at play in the Byfist circle. Byfist guitarist Davey Lee passed away last October from a heart attack.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Notch Vara of ByFist a few years ago. My condolences to the Villarreal family. This is truly heartbreaking.

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