Kill Matilda Post Halloween Contest – Zombie Survival Kit – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Vancouver’s zombie hunting punk rock band Kill Matilda have posted details for their Halloween contest this weekend giving fans the chance to win KM’s must have “Zombie Survival Kit” that no fan should leave home without.

“We’re happy to help out our fans this Halloween weekend as there are dangerous zombies lurking around. We’re looking for the best ways to “Kill A Zombie” and we’ll choose 2 winners to receive what they need to survive an attack.” commented vocalist guitarist Dusty Exner.

Kill Matilda’s Zombie Survival Kit

1. A signed copy of Kill Matilda’s latest album “I Want Revenge” along with the Kill Matilda EP (the loud noises from both just tear zombie ears apart)
2. A Kill Matilda poster (when zombies see and image of KM they’re guaranteed to run for the hills)
3. A Kill Matilda sticker (a superb zombie repellent)
4. The Kill Matilda zombie survival guide and special secret zombie killing accessory with instructions!
Please send contest submissions to the following address – kill_matilda_band(@)
Contest ends November 1st and winners will be announced.

The survival kit can also be purchased at the following link –
Kill Matilda’s have also posted their Top 10 favourite ways to “Kill A Zombie” on, please visit the following link. – Tour Journals From Zombie Apocalyspse Tour

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