(4 April – Las Vegas, NV) On April 21, 2012 the first Asylum Worldwide event will take place at Vamp’d in Las Vegas, NV featuring 80′s underground legends Ruthless, Las Vegas metal act Seventh Calling, Los Angeles’ Anger As Art and newcomers, Vile Child.

The concept of the Asylum Worldwide events is to provide high quality video entertainment featuring Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands from around the world. The goal is to provide music fans worldwide with content and quality they know they can trust, at an affordable price, right from the comfort of their own homes. These shows will feature the highest quality production available, and will be filmed on location throughout North America and abroad. The original concept came about after Steven Troy (aka 1psychotic) began doing an internet television show on called “Sally Rocks Vegas” in conjunction with Vegas Rocks! magazine, for whom he has been the staff writer over the past 6 years. After the success of that show, he teamed up with Seventh Calling’s Steve Handel, who was touring with Angels of Babylon ( a project that featured Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson and Kenny “Rhino” Earl of Manowar) That tour’s stop in Las Vegas was filmed and broadcast on to over 4 million viewers worldwide. Seeing the demand for these types of shows, the two formed Visual Music Entertainment, along with partners from The Mentoring Group, a Las Vegas based talent agency specializing in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands. The Asylum Worldwide will be a monthly or bi-monthly event that will feature up-and-coming new artists, as well as established acts that have new projects. In addition, the site will present music related shows, such as drum and guitar clinics, and will also provide fans with an opportunity to hear and purchase music from bands featured on the site, as well as provide feedback that will go directly to the artist.

Ruthless was formed in Orange County, CA in 1982 and quickly became one of the better known bands in the burgeoning LA metal scene at the time. Releasing their debut Ep (produced by Bill Metoyer) around the world through labels such as Iron Works (US), Banzai / PolyGram (Japan) and Axe Killer (Europe). The 5 song effort put the band on the map and set them up for their full length album, Discipline Of Steel in 1985. The band split in 1990 and reunited in 2008 touring as the support act for the legendary outfit UFO as well as playing Germany’s prestigious Keep It True Festival.

Seventh Calling is America’s premier traditional metal act. Formed in the 1990′s in the American Mid-West, the band released their debut album, Monuments in 2007 on the Dutch label, Melissa Records. Well received, the positive reviews the album garnered allowed the band to head out on a US tour and in 2009 relocate to Las Vegas, NV. Signing with Heaven and Hell Records the band released their next two efforts Prelude To Madness and Epidemic. After touring in support of the ‘Epidemic’ album over the next year and a half, the band returned to Las Vegas to begin work on their upcoming effort, tentatively titled War Cry, with founding members Steve Handel and Lance Lange, and returning drummer Shannon Frye, along with 1psychotic on guitar.

To say that Los Angeles metallers Anger As Art are veterans of the industry would be a gross understatement. Comprised of Steve Gaines (Abattoir, Bloodlust, etc), Angelo Espino (Hirax, Reverend), Rob Alaniz (Evildead, Abattoir, etc) and Daniel Oliverio (Abattoir) the quartet have amassed over half a century of time “down in the trenches” in their individual projects. Since their inception in 2004 Anger As Art have released three albums and are currently working on their fourth release, entitled Hubris, Inc.

Since their formation in 2008 Las Vegas metal band, Vile Child have performed at events such as the Las Vegas Marathon (sponsored by in 2010 and 2011. The band’s debut Ep will be self released in 2012.

The event will premier on April 27th at 12:01 a.m. American Pacific time (17:01 GMT) and will run on demand for 72 hours on

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