Blood In Venice

Danish / Italian modern pop rock band BLOOD IN VENICE are currently mixing their new EP “The Dancefloor Assassin”. The mix is being done by Jacob Olsen at the JBO Sound Studios in Denmark.

The EP will contain the following 4 brand new songs of dance friendly pop rock with a slight touch of vintage.

1. Dancefloor Assassin
2. The Way You Love Me
3. A Recipe for Broken Hearts
4. Lonely

The band itself states: “The new EP is definitely a big step forward compared to the last one (Let the Drama Begin, released Feb 2012). The song writing, the sound, the arrangements, the looks – we worked hard to improve every aspect of the band. We are very confident that these songs will turn some heads, lift some eyebrows and move some feet. Watch out, as you might be the next victim of the Dancefloor Assassin.”

Blood in Venice are currently unsigned, and the new EP will for the moment only be available for business contacts, managers, labels, etc. A preview of each song will be available for all within a few weeks.

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