CD Reviews

CD Reviews

Aarktica – In Sea
Adams, Peter Bradley – Leavetaking
Ahoora – Awkward Diary
Amber Brooke Band – Destructive Behavior
Abigail Williams – Legend
Allen, Mike – Cirrhosis
American Black Lung, The – Sudden Departure Of Vultures
All That Remains – The Fall Of Ideals
Anberlin – Cities
Another Black Day – Another Black Day
A Second From The Surface – The Streets Have Eyes
A Shoreline Dream – Coastal
Asia – Pheonix
Asono – EP
Attackhead – Voices In The Dark
Averch, Ben – Start At The Beginning
Averse Sefira – Advent Parallax

Baskervilles – Twilight
Bayside – The Walking Wounded
Behemoth – Chaotica – The Essence Of The Underworld
Behemoth – Sventevith
Believe – Hope To See Another Day
Bella Noir – Premonitions
Beneath The Massacre – Mechanics Of Dysfunction
Bernie Bernie Headflap – Less Like Penguins
Better Left Unsaid – The Silencing
Billy Martini Show, The – Like No Other
Birdflesh – Mongo Musicale
Black Light Burns – Cruel Melody
Black Majesty – Tomorrowland
Blackmore’s Night – The Village Lanterne
Black On Black – A Tribute To Black Flag
Blanc Faces – Blanc Faces
Blessing The Hogs – The Twelve Gauge Solution
Blinded Colony – Bedside Prayers
Blindside – The Great Depression>
Blood Tsunami – Thrash Metal
Blut Aus Nord – Mort
Boat People, The – Chandeliers
Bolin, Tommy – Whips And Roses
Bonneville Soundtrack – Various Artists
Born To Oblivion – Born To Oblivion
Bouchelle, Lisa – Paint Your Dreams
Boys Like Girls – Boys Like Girls
Boys Night Out – Trainwreck
Breathe Carolina – Hello Fascination
Bronx Casket Co, The – Hellectric
Brothers Of The Head Soundtrack – The Bang Bang
Buckcherry – 15
Bullcock – Hog Nuts
Bullets And Octane – In The Mouth Of The Young
Burning Skies – Desolation
Burn In Silence – Angel Maker
Burzum – Anthology
Bushwhack – Bushwhack
By Night – A New Shape Of Desperation
Byrnes, Tommy – Alehouse Insurrections

Cactus – V
Caffery, Chris – W.A.R.P.E.D.
Cannae – Gold Becomes Sacrifice
Canvas Solaris – Cortical Tectonics
Canvas Solaris – Penumbra Diffuse
Carlisle, Liz – Big Dreams
Carnal Forge – Testify For My Victims
Cassius – I Am Jim Jones
Category 5 – Off The Ivory Coast
Catley, Bob – Spirit Of Man
Celtic Frost – Monotheist
Centinex – World Declension
Chambers, Sean – Humble Spirits
Children Of Bodom – Blooddrunk
Chimaira – The Infection
Christian, James – Meet The Man
Chthonic – Seediq Bale
Circus Maximus – Isolate
Clark – Two Of A Kind
Coral Sea, The – Firelight
Corruption – Virgin’s Milk
Cosmic Ballroom – Stoned, Broke & Ready To Rumble
Cosmic Ballroom – Your Drug Of Choice
Court Jester – Gina
Crescent Shield – The Last Of My Kind
Crimson Glory – Astronomica
Crimson Glory – Strange And Beautiful
Crionics – Neuthrone
Crucified Barbara – In Distortion We Trust
Crue Believers: A Tribute To Motley Crue – Various Artists
Cursed, The – Room Full Of Sinners

DarkBlack – The Barbarian’s Hammer
Dark Funeral – De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine
Dark Funeral – Diabolis Interium
Dark Funeral – The Secrets Of The Black Arts
Dark Funeral – Vobiscum Satanas
Dark Suns – Grave Human Genuine
Darlington – All The Wrong Moves
Darzamat – SemiDevilish
Dawn Of Azazel – Sedition
Day Eleven – Whenever You Say You Love Me
Daylight Dies – Dismantling Devotion
Daylight Dies – Lost To The Living
Daymares – Can’t Get Us All
Dead Girls Ruin Everything – What A Perfect Ending
Dead Man In Reno – Dead Man In Reno
Dead Rabbits – Sin-Eater
Deadstar Assembly – Unsaved
Deaf Pedestrians – Deaf Pedestrians
Dee, Jesse – Bittersweet Batch
Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep
Degree Absolute – Degree Absolute
Delicate Noise – Diversion
Demians – Building An Empire
Demiricous – One Sampler
DeNisco, Gigi – Too Close For Comfort
Deranged – The Redlight Murder Case
Desolate – Obscurity Of The Fallen
Desplat, Alexandre – Hostage
Detone, Ray – Guitar Noir
Deviant, The – Ravenous Deathworship
Diet Kong – Diet Kong
Dig Jelly – For Your Inner Angry Child
Dirty Elegance – Finding Beauty In The Wretched
Disincarnate – Dreams Of The Carrion Kind
Disgorge – Parallels Of Infinite Torture
Diskreet – Internal Rise
Dismember – The God That Never Was
DJ Starscream – The New Leader
Dog Faced Gods – Spit In My Eye
Domeshots – Self-Titled
Dominici – O3 A Trilogy Part 3
Doro – All We Are – The Fight
Downtown Singapore – Don’t Let Your Guard Down
Dragonforce – Inhuman Rampage
Drowning Pool – Full Circle
Drugs Of Faith – Drugs Of Faith
Dryline – Reach For The Surface
Dustsucker – Jack Knife Rendezvous

Edenbridge – The Chronicles Of Eden
Edgewater – We’re Not Robots
Eidolon – The Parallel Otherworld
Ektomorf – Instinct Club Promo
Elba – Elba
Eldritch – Blackenday
Elvenking – The Winter Wake
Emerald Sun – Escape From Twilight
Emigrate – Emigrate
Engel – Absolute Design
Enochian Crescent – The Black Church Psalmbook
Enslaved – Ruun
Ensoph – Project X-Katon
Enter Chaos – Dreamworker
Epic, Paul – South Of Heaven, North Of Hell
Esoteric, The – Subverter
Eternal Descent – Losing Faith
Europe – Secret Society
Evergrey – Monday Morning Apocalpyse
Every Avenue – Ah!
Evolocity – Evolocity
Excalion – Primal Exhale
Excalion – Waterlines

Faces Of Black – The Beckoning
Falaschi, Edu – Almah
Falgiano, Rob – Red
Fall From Grace – Sifting Through The Wreckage
Farlowe, Chris – Hungary For The Blues
Farmakon – Robin
Fatal Force – Fatal Force
Fatal Smile – World Domination
Fat Sam – Fat Sam
Fear Factory – Transgression
Fear Nuttin Band – Yardcore
Fell Far Behind – Reaching The Red Line
Fields Of The Nephilim – Mourning Sun
Fifty Caliber Kiss – Armor Class Invincible
Finger Eleven – Them Vs. You Vs. Me
Fishbone – Still Stuck In Your Throat
Foreshadowing, The – Days Of Nothing
Framing Hanley – The Moment
Freedom Call – Dimensions
Freedom Call – The Circle Of Life
Frontier Brothers, The – Solar Power Struggle
Frontside – …for ours is the king, the power and glory…
Frost – Out In The Cold
Funeral – From These Wounds
Funeral Pyre, The – The Nature Of Betrayal
Funeral Pyre, The – Wounds
Furze – UTD

Gaia Epicus – Symphony Of Glory
Gamma Ray – Majestic
Gentleman’s Pistols – Gentleman’s Pistols
Ghost In The Machine – The One Within
Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains
Giri – Giri
Girl Scout Hand Grenade – The Want You Sedated So You Never See The Truth
Giuntini Project – III
G.L.A.S. – 18
Godsmack – IV
Gojira – From Mars To Sirius
Gorefest – Rise To Ruin
Gorgoroth – Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
Gorguts – Considered Dead
Gorguts – The Erosion Of Sanity
Grave – Dominion VIII
Grimfist – 10 Steps To Hell
Gross, Andrew – Pick Of Destiny Selections
Guryan, Margo – 16 Words
GWAR – Beyond Hell
Gynger Lynn – Gynger Lynn

Hammers Of Misfortune – The Locust Years
Handful Of Hate – Gruesome Splendour
Handshake Murders, The – Usurper
Hanoi Rocks – Another Hostile Takeover
Hanoi Rocks – Street Poetry
Hanoi Rocks – Twelve Shots On The Rocks
Hardingrock – Grimen
Harper – Be…
Harptallica – Harptallica: A Tribute
Harris, Shawn – Temptation
Harvey, Mick – Motion Picture Music ’94-’05
Harvey, Mick – One Man’s Treasure
Harvey, Mick – Two Of Diamonds
Hate Profile – Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile
Hatesphere – Serpent Smile And Killer Eyes
Hatesphere – The Sickness Within
Head – Save Me From Myself
Headhunter – Parasite of Society
Headrush – Headrush
Hearse – In These Veins
Heathen – Victims Of Deception
Hellacopters, The – Rock & Roll Is Dead
Hell-Born – Cursed Infernal Steel

Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy

Helloween – Live In Saulo Paulo
Hemlock – Bleed The Dream
Hermano – …Into The Exam Room
Hevein – Sound Over Matter
Heys, The – Youngbored&broke
Hidden Hand, The – The Resurrection Of Whiskey Foote
Hirax – The New Age Of Terro
Holler, Wild Rose! – Our Little Hymnal
Holy Moses – Agony Of Death
Hollow Corp. – Cloister Of Radiance
Hoodoo Gurus – Stoneage Romeos
Hoot Soundtrack – Various Artists
Horrendous Acts Of Violence, The – The Horrendous Acts Of Violence
Horse The Band – The Mechanical Hand
HourCast – State Of Disgrace
Hughes, Glenn – Music For The Divine

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon
Iced Earth – Overture Of The Wicked
Iced Earth – The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part 2)
Ihsahn – The Adversary
Ill Nino – Enigma
Illuminati, The – The Illuminati
Imagika – My Bloodied Wings
In Battle – Kingdom Of Fear
Incantation – Primordial Domination
Incarnated – Pleasure Of Consumption
Infernaeon – A Symphony Of Suffering
Insense – Soothing Torture
Insomnium – Above The Weeping World
Intronaut – Null
Intronaut – Void

Jade – Banned In America
Jaine, Nicki – Nicki Jaine Live
Joelle – Pillar Of Stone
John 5 – Songs For Sanity
John Ginty Band – Fireside Live
Johnny Smoke – For A Dollar
Jotunspor – Gleipnirs Smeder
Judas Wake – There Is Only Technology
Jungle Rot – Warzone

Kamelot – Ghost Opera
Kamelot – Ghost Opera: The Second Coming
Karate High School – Arcade Rock>
Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance
Keep Of Kalessin – Armada
Keydragon – Dragon Prophecy
Khold – Krek
Khymera – A New Promise
Killing Spree – Deception Betrayal Revenge
King’s X – XV
KMFDM – Tohuvabohu
Knights Of The Abyss – Juggernaut
Kreator – Enemy Of God Revisited

L.A. Guns – Tales From The Strip
Lamb, Paul & The Kingsnakes – I’m On A Roll
Lamb Of God – Killadelphia
Landslide – Sink Without Fail
Lane, Lana – Gemini
Lane, Lana – Red Planet Boulevard
Lanfear – Another Golden Rage
Lashes, The – Get It
Last Act, The – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Last Crack – Burning Time
Last Crack – Sinister Funkhouse #17
Leatherwolf – World Asylum
Let Go – Let Go
Lee, Kevin – Flip The Switch
LeGrand – LeGrand
Level-C – Level-C
Light This City – Facing The Thousand
Ligion – External Affairs
Limbonic Art – Legacy Of Evil
Lipstixx ‘N’ Bulletz – Bang Your Head
Litmus – Planetfall
Loch Vostok – Destruction Time Again
Lord Belial – The Seal Of Belial
Los Dryheavers – Words Of Surrender
Lost Eden – Cycle Repeats
Lullaby Baxter – Garden Cities Of To-morrow
Lux Occulta – The Mother And The Enemy

Machinery – The Passing
Mae, Audra – Haunt
Magnum – Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow
Majestic Twelve, The – Schizophrenology
Majesty – Hellforces
Manes – How The World Came To An End
Man From The Moon, The – Rocket Attack
Martriden – Martriden
Martriden – The Unsettling Dark
Masi – 2nd Shape
Masterplan – Aeronautics
Masterplan – MKII
Matadors – Flame The Whisper
McCartney, Paul – Ecce Cor Meum
McGuiness, Malea – True Believer
Medoro, Greg – 14 Sunset Way
Meliah Rage – The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
Memfis – The Wind-Up
Merendine Atomiche – Raw
Messiah’s Kiss – Dragonheart
Metal Church – A Light In The Dark
Metal Church – The Weight Of The World
Metal Church – This Present Wasteland
Me Talk Pretty – Ana
Midnight – Sakada
Miller, Lisa Dawn – Fly Away
Mindgrinder – Riot Detonator
Mithras – Behind The Shadows Lie Madness
Mob, The – The Mob
Mob Rules – Ethnolution A.D.
Mobile Mob Freakshow, The – Ready To Misguide A New Generation
Mojo Rib – In For Sin
Mon Roe – Mon Roe
Monster Magnet – 25 Tab
Monster Magnet – Spine Of God
Moonspell – Memorial
Moonspell – Under Satanae
The Morning Light – The Morning Light
Morning Light, The – The Sounds Of Love
Motley Crue – Carnival Of Sins Live
Motnik, Martin – Bass Invader
Motor – Klunk
Motor – Unhuman
Motorhead – Kiss Of Death
Motorhead – Motorizer
Mountain – Masters Of War
Mouth Of The Architect – The Ties That Blind
Mower – Not For You
Music Is Hope – Various Artists
Mustasch – Latest Version Of The Truth
MXPX – Secret Weapon
My Dying Bride – A Line Of Deathless Kings
My Ruin – The Brutal Language
My Ruin – Throat Full Of Heart
Mystic Prophecy – Satanic Curses
Mystic Prophecy – Savage Souls

Nahemah – The Second Philosophy
Naked, Bif – Superbeautifulmonster
Nassiri – Love Sees No Color
Neaime, Therese – Livin’
Nebula – Apollo
Necro – The Pre-Fix For Death
Nefastus Dies – Urban Cancer
Neurosonic – Drama Queen
New Worchester Rats, The – Abusa Power
Next Wave – Various Artists
Nightmare – Genetic Disorder
Nightmare – The Dominion Gate
Nightrage – A New Disease Is Born
Northrup, J.K. – Wired In My Skin

Obituary – Xecutioner’s Return
Oblivion – Remixed
Octavia Sperati – Grace Submerged
Of Graves And Gods – Slit Throat Andromeda
O’Hora, Tony – Escape Into The Sun
Omnium Gatherum – Stuck Here On Snakes Way
Onslaught – Killing Peace
Orange Sky – Upstairs
OSI – Free
Otter, Anne Sofie Von – I Let The Music Speak
Our Lady Peace – Healthy In Paranoid Times

Pantheon I – The Wanderer And His Shadow
Pariah – A First Rate Education
Parsons, Alan – Eye To Eye – Live In Mardrid, Spain
Pat McGee Band – Save Me
Pathosray – Pathosray
Pathosray – Sunless Skies
PAX – 10,000 Words
Peaceful Warrior, The Soundtrack – Various Artists
Pearl And The Pumpkin – Various Artists
Pell, Axel Rudi – Diamonds Unlocked
Pendragon – Acoustically Challenged
Pennenga – Imagine
People In Planes – As Far As The Eye Can See
Pestilence – Mind Reflections
Pharaoh – Be Gone
Pharoah – The Longest Night
Phoenix Down – Somethin’ Fierce
Pillar – The Reckoning
Pilot Speed – Into The West
Pistol Dawn – Conversation Piece
Place Of Skulls – The Black Is Never Far
Place Vendome – Place Vendome
Plumb – Chaotic Resolve
Portugal The Man – Church Mouth
Powerman 5000 – Destroy What You Enjoy
Pozers, The – Embrace Your Addiction
Pravda – Walking Through Walls
Pride Of Lions – Live In Belgium
Priestess – Hello Master
Primus – They Can’t All Be Zingers
Project Hate, The – Armageddon March Eternal
Prong – Power Of The Damager
Pronto – The Cheetah
Pro-Pain – Age Of Tyranny
Psionic – Demo 2006

Quiet Riot – Rehab
Quill, The – In Triumph

Raftree – Raftree
Raging Speedhorn – Before The Sea Was Built
RazorDog – Lucy Fairy’s Club
Realm – Endless War
Realm – Suiciety
Rebellion – Sagas Of Iceland
Recoil – Subhuman
Reeder, Scott – TunnelVision Brilliance
Revery – Avarice & Absolution
Rhapsody of Fire – Triumph Or Agony
Riddle Of Steel – 1985
Ride The Boogie – Ride The Boogie
River Raid, The – The River Raid
Rock, Rob – Holy Hell
Rose Funeral – Crucify Kill Rot
Rurik – Re-Education

Sadus – A Vision Of Misery
Sadus – Chemical Exposure
Sadus – Swallowed In Black
Sahg – Sahg I
Saliva – Blood Stained Love Story
Saratan – Cult Of Vermin
Satariel – Hydra
Satellite – A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
Saxon – Dogs Of War
Saxon – Lionheart
Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed III
Saxon – The Inner Sanctum
Schon, Neal – I On U
Scorpions, The – Humanity: Hour 1
Sear Bliss – The Arcane Odyssey
Seasons Of The Wolf – Nocturnal Revelation
Seasons Of The Wolf – Once In A Blue Moon
Secretary Bird – Secretary Bird
Seether – Karma And Effect
Sepultura – Dante XXI
Sepultura – Live In Sao Paulo
Setherial – Death Triumphant
Seventh Key – Live In Atlanta
Seventh Season, The – Liquid Water
Shadow Demon – Grimoire Of Ruin
Shadows Fade – Shadows Fade
Shadows Fall – Retribution
Shakra – Fall
Shaw-Blades – Influence
Shayne, Daize – Live Your Dreams
She Said Destroy – Time Like Vines
Shinedown – Us And Them
Shvdfish – Shvdfish
Silent Civilian – Rebirth Of The Temple
Singhs, The – Supersaturated
Sinister – Afterburner
Six Day Slide – Held Under
Sixx: A.M. – The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack
Skies Of America, The – Shine
Skintilla – Shedding Skin
Skyforger – Kauja Pie Saules
Slave To The System – Slave To The System
Slickfist – Subharmonic Addiction
Slik Helvetika – Krypt Kicker 5
Slough Feg – Hardworlder
Slow Motion Reign – Slow Motion Reign
Smackdown, The – Someone Has To Kill The Headwriter
Society 1 – The Years Of Spiritual Dissent
Sodom – Sodom
Sodom – The Final Sign Of Evil
So I Had To Shoot Him – Alpha Males And Popular Girls
Sonic Syndicate – Eden Fire
SOS – Adult Situations
SOS – A Guide To Better Living
Soto, Jeff Scott – Essential Ballads
Soto, Jeff Scott – Lost In The Translation
Souls Harbor – Writings On The Wall
Soultree – Souled In A Plain Brown Wrapper
Sourvein – Emerald Vulture>
Spheric Universe Experience – Anima
Spiders & Snakes – London Daze
Spider Rockets – Ever After
SpiRitual – Pulse
Spitfire – Self-Help
Spring Awakening Soundtrack – Various Artists
StaggerWigg – Before We Drown
Stanko, Tomasz – Freedom In August
Stanley, Paul – Live To Win
Starkweather – Croatoan
Starr, Judd – Luminescent
Stars Of Track And Field – Centuries Before Love And War
State Of Man – Both Sides Of The Story
States, The – The Path Of Least Resistance
Steel Attack – Diabolic Symphony
Stefy – The Orange Album
Steppin’ Blind – Late Nights At Salamone’s
Stonecreep – Tonight We Ride
Stonegard – Arrows
Strangers Six, The – A Date With Daylight
Stranglehold – Stranglehold
Street Drum Corps – Street Drum Corps
Stride – Imagine
Stubblefield, Jim – Guitarra Exotica
Sunstorm – Sunstorm
Superdude – Pothead Punk
Swampdawamp – Swampdawamp
Sworn Enemy – The Beginning Of The End

Teenage Casket Company – Dial It Up
Temple Of Brutality – Lethal Agenda
Tenacious D – The Pick Of Destiny
Tenebre – Heart’s Blood
Ten West – Ten West
Terrorizer – Darker Days Ahead
Testament – Live In London
Thanatoschizo- Zoom Code
Theatre Of Tragedy – Storm
The 11th Hour Soundtrack – Various Artists
The Killer In You – A Tribute To Smashing Pumpkins – Various Artists>
The Matador Soundtrack – Various Artists
The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Soundtrack – Various Artists
Theta Naught w/ Alex Caldiero – Sound Weave
Three Fantastic – Three Fantastic
Throne Of Katarsis – An Eternal Dark Horizon
Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Malice
Thyrane – Travesty Of Heavenly Essence
Thyrfing – Farsotstider
Tigertailz – Berzerk 2.0
Till We Die – Pressing On
Time Requiem – Optical Illusion
>Timz – Open For Business
Tishamingo – Wear N’ Tear
TNT – All The Way To The Sun
To-Mera – Delusions
To-Mera – Transcendental
Torchbearer – Warnaments
Torman Maxt – The Problem Of Pain: Part 1
Torture – Storm Alert
Totimoshi – Mysterioso
Toxik – Think This
Toxik – World Circus
Trag – 11th House
Transmission0 – Memory Of A Dream
Trendkill – No Longer Buried
Trephine – Trephine
Tristania – Illumination
Trouble – The Skull
Tulus – Biography Obscene
Tunsi – Special Delivery Sampler
Tunsi – Special Delivery
Tunsi – Tunsi Wrap
Turbo – Identity
Turgon, Bruce – Outside Looking In
Twin Method – The Volume Of Self
Twisted Into Form – Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer

UFO – Showtime
UFO – The Monkey Puzzle
Unchained – Unchained
Under The Flood – Alive In The Fire
Underwater, The – Forces
Unleashed – Midvinterblot
Until June – Until June
Unwritten Law – The Hit List
Urbansnake – Whiteknuckle
Urinal Puck Ministries – Twisted Tales From The Fallopian Tube

Vader – Kingdom EP
Vader – Impressions In Blood
Vader – The Art Of War
Vader – The Darkest Age – Live ’93
Valerian – Intimations Of Sorrow
Vaughn, Danny – From The Inside
Venom – Metal Black
Verismo – City Of Kings
Vicious Circle – The Art of Agony
Vile – The New Age Of Chaos
Vixen – Live & Learn
Void, The – Vision Of The Truth
Volt – Rorhat
Voodoo Hill – Wild Seed Of Mother Earth
Vore – Maleficus
V-Project – New Machine
Vreid – I Krig
Vreid – Pitch Black Brigade

Wastefall – Self Exile
Wensday – Torch Rock
Wetton, John – Amata
Whitechapel – The Somatic Defilement
Whitesnake – The Definitive Collection
White Willow – Signal To Noise
Widow – Nightlife
Wildphyr – Movement
Willycranes, The – Happy Motoring
Winters – Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies
Wolf – The Black Flame
Wolverine – Still
Wolves In The Throne Room – Diadem Of 12 Stars
Wuthering Heights – The Shadow Cabinet

Xentrix – For Whose Advantage
Xentrix – Kin
Xentrix – Shattered Existence
Eric Xodik – Songs Of Samsara
XXX Maniak – Harvesting The Cunt Nectar
XYZ – Forbidden Demos 1985/1991

Yakuza – Samsara
Yakuza – Transmutations
Year Of The White Buffalo – …Year Of The White Buffalo
You May Die In The Desert/Gifts From Enola – Harmonic Motion Volume I
Young, Neil And Crazy Horse – Live At The Fillmore East
Your Highness Electric – The Grand Hooded Phantom

Zero Hour – A Fragile Mind
Zero Hour – Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond
Zombie, Rob – 20th Century Masters
Zwig, Adam – Cast Iron Letters
Zyklon – Disintegrate

16 Second Stare – Red Carpet Material
1349 – Revelations Of The Black Flame

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