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Check out the photos from the Overkill show at Trees. It was my first time back to Trees after it reopened. It’s still as cool. All I can say is that the show was fucking kickass. Very fucking energetic and the crowd was having a really great time. I interviewed Blitz before the show and will be airing it this coming Sunday at 7 PM CST on RockNet Radio. After the interview we sat and chatted over a beer. I cannot stress enough what a really cool and humorous guy he is. Definitely a great time that night and I seriously doubt any show I go to is going to outdo that one. It was my first time seeing the band live and it definitely was well worth it. If you have a chance to see them play this year, go!


Check out the photos from the Shadows Fall at House Of Blues on January 29. It was definitely a kickass show. It was great to see God Forbid perform again. Shadows Fall put on a really energetic show. Brian Fair at one point went into the audience and did some crowd surfing. The security guys got a hold of him and fortunately I managed not to get kicked in the head when they put him back on the stage. That took some really wild maneuvers on my part. It scared the shit out of one of the security guys and he tousled my hair. LOL!!!!

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