Hi, I’m RockNetWebChick, the editor and webmistress of RockNet Webzine and Drummers Spotlight. I hope you enjoy the webzine and I look forward to comments on our message board. I am a huge fan of rock and metal music and one thing I enjoy doing is going out to shows and meeting people.

I’ve been a major music fan ever since I was a kid and I listened to my mom’s Rolling Stones and Presley records. Yeah, those were the days of vinyl. As I grew older, I went through different phases but the heavy stuff always dominated. I had the opportunity to meet a few bands and help out a friend who did video interviews which gave me the opportunity to meet even more bands. Finally I decided to set out on my own and bring a dream to reality. I always got tired of reading the same, stale interviews over and over. I always wondered why people didn’t just sit down over a few beers (and in some cases morning coffee) and just shoot the shit so I decided that if I ever did interviews, they would be conversational ones where the people I talk to actually have personalities. I’ve striven to achieve the ability to bring out the best in my interviewees and I think I’ve been successful. I’ve interviewed a number of people from the famous to the famous yet to be and it’s been one hell of a ride and a pleasure. So I hope you sit back with your beer (or morning coffee) and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

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