Authors Darren Paltrowitz and D.X. Ferris to Release New Book, “Good Advice From Professional Wrestling” Featuring Forward by “DDP” Diamond Dallas Page, WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Physical Copies Available Sunday, April 7, 2019 via 6623 Press E-Book Available Now + Pre-Order Physical Copies via Amazon

This Sunday not only marks WrestleMania 35 – but also the release of Good Advice From Professional Wrestling: Full Contact Life Lessons From The Pinnacle Performance Art, a new book by authors Darren Paltrowitz and D.X. Ferris. The two will lay claim to the Universal Motivational Tag Team Title when the book drops via 6623 Press this coming Sunday, April 7. Order now via Amazon, where the e-book is already available and is positioned at #1 on the Kindle Store’s New Releases in Wrestling Books chart! This eminently readable self-help manual finds useful life lessons in inspiring quotes by icons from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Bruno Sammartino. Whether you’re a fan, teacher, salesman, or landscaper, Good Advice From Professional Wrestling is an entertaining guide on how to get over and improve your life, one step at a time.The book’s foreword was written by WWE Hall of Famer and international fitness guru Diamond Dallas Page“DDP is a hero and role model for both of us,” explains co-author Ferris, a teacher and award-winning writer. “Life coaches like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss are great, but I like figures like DDP. He encourages you to think big, and he has a realistic attack: You improve by committing to productive habits. You reach one goal at a time. That’s our approach.”Good Advice From Professional Wrestling concludes with a list of ten habits and practices that famous wrestlers use to become successful, which readers can start today. “Professional wrestling is much more sophisticated than most people will give it credit for,”says co-author Paltrowitz, who in addition to authoring other works, is a podcast host. “When done well, it communicates on a universal level, much like music or film. I wanted to spotlight some of the great men and women behind wrestling, and also emphasize its cultural impact.”The book features wisdom from over 40 wrestling-world greats of today and yesteryear, and archival quotes from rising stars to all-time greats like movie star Dave “Bautista” Batista, rock singer and Hall of Fame inductee Lita, MLW star Salina de la Renta, A.E.W. co-founders Cody Rhodes & the Young Bucks. WWE counterculture iconoclasts Daniel BryanCM Punk, accredited dentist and A.E.W. marquee talent Britt Baker, the late Rowdy Roddy Piper, rock star Billy Corgan, and ECW mastermind Paul Heyman.Good Advice From Professional Wrestling is the second volume in 6623 Press’ Leadership Every Day Series, which finds life-changing lessons in popular culture. Volume 1 is Ferris’ Good Advice From Goodfellas: Positive Life Lessons From The Best Mob Movie. Based in Akron, Ohio, 6623 Press makes unconventional, useful, creator-owned, reasonably priced books about popular culture, success, history, and other cool stuff.Darren Paltrowitz is an entertainment-industry veteran from Long Beach, New York. His writing has appeared in the New YorkDaily News and the Los AngelesTimes. He hosts the podcast, “The Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz.”.D.X. Ferris is an award-winning writer, Pittsburgh native, and Ohio resident. He has written for Rolling Stone and Alternative Press. He wrote books about Slayer and leadership. This is his ninth. He is plotting a heel turn.  Please contact Paltrowitz or Ferris for an advance reading copy, media, or material. They’re both good talkers, and are happy to speak or give email interviews.Co-author Darren Paltrowitz: Darren.Paltrowitz@gmail.comCo-author D.X. Ferris:

Sister Shotgun To Release Debut Album “Fragments” 4/19

Sister Shotgun is an English Rock band from Birmingham in the West Midlands. Formed in 2012, the group is currently composed of vocalist Chloe Ozwell, rhythm guitarist Niall Wills, lead guitarist Benji Tatlock, bassist Tim Chambers and drummer Dave Harvey. The band has often been described as “Evanesence meets Bullet for my Valentine.” A fusion of melodic and aggressive guitar lines, influenced by a mix of nu-metal, metalcore, and modern rock, all united with captivating vocals full of catchy hooks and sing-along moments: Sister Shotgun is known for creating mesmerising atmospheres at their stage shows.

Ozwell began singing at the age of 7 after her parents spotted a natural talent. They swiftly introduced her to singing classes; this madeher become a classically-trained vocalist, which involved her singing in various languages and musical styles.

The band founded in the summer of 2012 by self-taught guitarist and songwriter Niall Wills. Wills held a party full of musicians and performers, which inevitably ended up with him discussing forming a band with some attendees. Niall and friends began working on covers of their favorite bands but had a hunger for more. With the set rules “big riffs, big choruses,” they discussed composing original music. Wills and the band then sought out a front person to fill the void. Ozwell was given the job as the band’s offical vocalist after hearing her sing for a punk project and a successful audition. The name “Sister Shotgun” was pitched and adopted.

In the early years of performing as Sister Shotgun, the group underwent several line-up changes, but still maintained its core song writers, Ozwell and Wills. During this time, Sister Shotgun released their debut single “For The Love Of Hate” and its accompanying music video; this gained over 100,000 views on YouTube. The track recieved plays on BBC Introducing and Kerrang Radio, and this success meant they landed more notable support slots with bands such as Butcher Babies, Kobra and the Lotus, Toseland, and InMe.

Sister Shotgun quickly followed this single with a second release entitled “No Hope.” This single demonstrated a stronger identity and a more modern sound, which generated enough popularity for them to headline the O2 Academy 3 in their hometown of Birmingham. “No Hope” promtly became a fan favorite and attracted TKO Booking Agency, who secured many presitgious gigs up and down the UK, such as MacMillan Fest, Fort Festival, and HardRockHell Metal. After a period of continuous performance, Sister Shotgun released their debut EP, Devour.

What followed was an overwhelmingly positive response; this led them to play even more high-profile shows, introduced press coverage of their work and gave them further radio plays across the UK and Europe. One song on the EP, “Silhouettes,” did exceptionally well, with audiences screaming the lyrics back to the band at live shows.

Tim Chambers was introduced into the band in early 2016  as a session bassist, having met Ozwell while both studying music in college. Soon after, Chambers was invited to join the band after demonstrating his endless skill as a multi-instrumentalist. Already accomplished in guitar and the trombone, Chambers treated the bass like no bassist the band had done before; he broought melody and leadlines that could stand alone. Various shows and tours later, Dave Harvey joined the mix, opening up further opportunities for the band to demonstrate further flair and aggression on the drums. This led to even more gigs, including a performance supporting Santa Cruz. Benji Tatlock joined the band in 2018 and also, coming from a death metal and tech metal background, brought a new dimension and writing style to the band, too.

After solidifying their line-up, Sister Shotgun then met up with Pavement Entertainment and discussed recording a full album. Pavement quickly snapped them up and invited them to tour with Vixen’s Janet Gardner on her UK tour in 2018. Sister Shotgun then headed to the studio to work with producer Romesh Dodangoda, the man responsible for producing records for Funeral for a Friend, The Blackout, Bullet for my Valentine, and, most recently, Bring Me the Horizon’s latest single, “Manta.”

Sister Shotgun’s debut album, Fragments, is due for release on April 19, 2019, via Pavement Entertainment.

Renowned Metal Vocalist LANCE KING Reveals Immersive New Video for New Single “Reaction Formation”

Iconic vocalist LANCE KING has revealed a new video, “Reaction Formation,” from his second solo album, ReProgram, released last week via his own Nightmare Records. The video is available to view for the first time today here. With “Reaction Formation,” the original voice behind Pyramaze, Avian, Balance of Powerand Gemini has delivered a visually-immersive video that perfectly complements KING‘spowerful progressive metal style and thought-provoking lyrics. LANCE KING says of the song’s video and message: It’s an animated visual upload, representing the idea that people often do the opposite of what they truly want because of their fear of others’ reactions, which is a learned coping mechanism that many don’t realize they have. It generally manifests from very judgmental elders growing up, programming a person’s desire for others constant approval. Wearing this mask. does not allow a person to be authentic, even to themselves. It puts them on a repetitious cycle that will sabotage theirdreams and relationships and ultimately their joys in life, resulting many times in depression and a fatalistic perception of the world. The single most powerful thing you can do is unlearn the limiting beliefs you have accepted as truths in your youth. This frees you from the chains that bind, the chains of the subconscious mind.” Fans can check out album’s first video, “Pointing Fingers,” here, and the track “Limitless”hereReProgram delivers stadium-worthy metal grooves topped with King’s epic vocal chops and heady content. ReProgram is available via these digital retailers: Spotify | Amazon | iTunesReProgram was co-produced by LANCE KING and renowned producer/guitarist Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Evergrey, Epica, Amaranthe). The album features an array of established co-writers and talented featured performers, including Kim Olesen (Anubis Gate), Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater/Harmony), Matt Hodsdon (Chaos Frame), Rich Hinks (Annihilator/Aeon Zen), Morten Gade Sørensen (Pyramaze/Anubis Gate), Fred Columbo (Spheric Universe Experience), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), and Jakob Riis (L Wood Joy). Lyrically, the album explores themes including societal ills and the subjective nature of truth. Lance dives further into the human psyche than any rock performer in recent memory and this intellectual but soul-centered approach sets LANCE KING apart from his peers in the global metal community. There is a constant dissonance in our lives, and ReProgram looks to find harmony in the dissonant world that we have created. An album for the seekers of truth, for the ones who carry the fire and never let it die. ReProgram track listing:1. ReProgram2. Pointing Fingers3. Stand your Ground4. Technology5. Reaction Formation6. Limitless7. Wide Open8. Chaotica9. Spell of Domestication10. Perfect World11. A Mind at WarLANCE KING is best-known to metal fans as the owner US-based metal label Nightmare Records and for singing with Danish/American power prog metal band Pyramaze from 2003 to 2007. He was also part of the British/American prog power band Balance of Power from 1997 to 2003 and the American hair/prog power metal band Gemini from 1985 to 1993. He has worked with other labels as well, including Pony Canyon, Point Music, Massacre, King, Replica, Melodic Heaven, Metal Heaven, Avalon/Marquee, Toshiba/EMI, Rubicon, Advantage, Frontline Rock, Silent and CD Maximum. 

WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA: Syntheosis Full-Length From Oranssi Pazuzu/Dark Buddha Rising Union Streaming At Metal Hammer; Record To See Release This Friday Via Svart Records

WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA, the enigmatic collision of sonic forces between cosmic black metal conjurors Oranssi Pazuzu and ritualist doom collective Dark Buddha Rising, will release their anticipated Syntheosis full-length via Svart Records Friday April 5th. In advance of its release, Metal Hammer is hosting an exclusive stream of the record, lauding an, “exhilarating cosmic rite,” and further elaborating, “from the initially languid, heartbeat pulse of ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Mass,’ gradually slipping off its axis as it drifts through the Mindfuck Nebula amidst teeming streaks of starburst Moog, to the sentinels-of-the-universe rite that is ‘Infinite Gate Opening’ and beyond, Syntheosis journeys into ’70s, mystical sci-fi-inspired realms both intimate and vast, and we have a stream of the album in all its brainwave-retuning wonder.”Submit to the sounds of WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA’s Syntheosis atTHIS LOCATION.View the band’s previously released videos for “Wake Up The Possessor” and “Seeker’s Reflection” at THIS LOCATION.Svart Records will release Syntheosis worldwide on CD, double LP, and digital formats on April 5th. For preorders, go to began as a commissioned piece prepared together by the two bands for the 2018 edition of Roadburn. When this particular behemoth lumbered into view on the 013 MainStage of the fest that year, the outcome was truly breathtaking. For seventy magical minutes an audience was enraptured by what unfolded and the psychedelic darkness divined during this particular set resonated long after the festival detritus was swept away. Syntheosis the album is not a live recording but a carefully prepared studio interpretation on which the ten musicians worked over the spring and summer of 2018. The offering was recorded and mixed by Julius Mauranen, who also worked on Oranssi Pazuzu’s Värähtelijä and can be digested as a challenging, engaging psych metal record or as a dimension-spanning, one-hour performance consisting of nine parts recounting a story of three beings and their deep search for knowledge. “…throughout much of the album, WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA seems to balance elements of sci-fi and horror scores in their effort to create an otherworldly metal experience…what WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA creates is epic and evocative in its sound and structure…” — Treble“…a twisted trip of shape-shifting psychoactive doom – groovy and heavy, heaving and harrowing, foreboding and strange, spacey and occult.” — No Clean Singing on “Seekers Reflection”“…the record finds countless clever ways to fuse the unique atmospherics, rhythms, and songwriting tics of both collectives into one graceful supergiant as it progresses.” — Grizzly Butts“…a masterful work of avant-garde metal.” — Indy Metal Vault“…a true cinematic experience…The masterminds behind Waste of Space Orchestra have created something that will stand the tests of time. — Metal Utopia“The coupling is one that truly manages to capture both band’s styles, combining the psychedelic effects-laden black metal of Oranssi Pazuzu with the heavy hypnotic riffs and rhythm of Dark Buddha Rising, and the result is as fascinating and mesmerizing as fans of both bands might expect. The whole truly becomes greater than the sum of its parts.” — Loud Stuff

OMENFILTH: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Summon The Beast Of Damnation” From Philippines-Based Black Metal Practitioners; Devourer Of The Seven Moons Full-Length Nears Release Via Eternal Death

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming “Summon The Beast Of Damnation,” the latest psalm from Philippines-based black metal practitioners OMENFILTH. The punishing new tune comes by way of the band’s impending Devourer Of The Seven Moons full-length, slated to drop later this month via eternal death. “This track is one of most aggressive and musically adventurous songs we’ve ever written,” notes the band of the track. “It’s fast, ravaging, dark, angry, moody, and slapped with a very impious lyrical bent that we’ll leave to the listener to come up with their own conclusions. And yet it’s got two different dissonant riffs that strangely harmonize on the verses and a melodic mid-section. It’s got everything, from bestial rhythms to the melodic mid-section and the thrashy guitar solo. It spans a wide array of extreme metal sub-genres and blends them together flawlessly and still sounds identifiably OMENFILTH without losing any character.” Hear OMENFILTH “Summon The Beast Of Damnation,” only at Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.OMENFILTH‘s Devourer Of The Seven Moons will be released on CD, cassette, and digital formats on April 12th via Eternal Death. The ten-track offering includes three bonus tracks: a cover of Vulcano’s “Bloody Vengeance” and live recordings of “Equinox Of Evil” and “Fading Embers Of A Dying Era,” both from the band’s 2016 Opus Sanguinarium offering. For preorders, visit the Eternal Death Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION where “The Embrace Of Solitude” can also be streamed. Following the path of traditional black metal rather than the war metal influences often associated with their place of origin, OMENFILTH‘s Devourer Of The Seven Moons showcases the strengths of the band – eerie melodies (“The Embrace Of Solitude”), headbanging fury (“Summon The Beast Of Damnation,” “Seared By The Flames Of Bawo”), and violent upsurges (“Bakuana Ex Inferis”). Appealing more to fans of bands like Varathron or Darkthrone than Blasphemy or Von, Devourer Of The Seven Moons shows that southeast Asian black metal is more than just sleazy goatworship and miniguns. Following the lyrical themes of the album, the artwork of Dave Fogg is based on the ancient Filipino mythological entity Bakunawa aka “The Devourer Of The Seven Moons.”

LOST IN KIEV: PopMatters Debuts “Lifelooper” Video From Parisian Post-Rock Outfit; Persona Full-Length To See Release Via Pelagic Records Later This Month

Persona is the impending new long layer from Parisian post-rock outfit LOST IN KIEV. Raw and driven, oozing with thick synth textures and a great sense of melancholy and drama, Persona sees LOST IN KIEV further expand their own idiosyncratic take on cinematic, contemporary post rock delivering and stands among the band’s most astounding compositions to date. In advance of its release later this month, PopMatters is pleased to debut the band’s visual accompaniment to the track “Lifelooper.” Notes the band of the intriguing clip, “‘Lifelooper’ evokes a future where we can create avatars of ourselves; a future that somehow proposes to transform our lives into an infinite loop or a perfect circle. The music video shows this concept by using the prism of the mirror on the main shot and also by the circular shot which in the end is intensely used. This track was one of the first composed and one of the most difficult to finish. We did a couple of versions of this one, and the end totally changes the second part of the track. That leads us to create an almost full electronic and punchy part; something really new for us. We found that this contrast with the heavy post metal beginning sounds really interesting for the concept of the track. The track is a kind of sequencing of different loops.” Adds PopMatters, “The bass-heavy grooves and deeply meditative melodic power of the song transports the listener to the imaginary, futuristic realm the group has created within the song. If post-rock does anything (and this post-rock band certainly does), it’s to allow the listener the freedom to discover themselves inside the music.” View “Lifelooper,” courtesy of PopMatters, at THIS LOCATION.View LOST IN KIEV’s previously-released video for the record’s title track at THIS LOCATION.Persona will be released on CD, digital, and vinyl formats via Pelagic Records April 26th. See below for preordering info: North America:
Digital: and conceptualized to be reflections on humanity in a fictional futuristic context where artificial intelligence is fully implemented into everyday life, PersonaLOST IN KIEV‘s third full-length, does not impose any sort of political or moral position on the topic. The band instead creates fictional characters and lets them talk, breathe, cry, and live through intimate stories and cathartic experiences on a screen behind the band, while they perform live. “The main challenge with this record was how to write more direct and shorter post-rock tracks with the same intensity as our previous, longer compositions,” guitarist Maxime Ingrand explains, “and also finding the right balance between traditional post rock, the addition of synths and machines, and the texts for the film.” LOST IN KIEV have always been one of the few truly suggestive post rock bands: they lack a vocalist and yet their music is prosaic, cinematic, and deeply saturated with anecdotes, philosophical reflections and stories. Post-rock has ever since its beginnings shown an affinity to the use of speech samples, and has borrowed voices from movies or speeches by celebrities like Iggy Pop as in Mogwai’s “Punk Rock” or random lost souls as in Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s “Blaise Bailey Finnegan III.” LOST IN KIEVtakes this tradition to the next level, by writing their own genuine storyline, and making their own movie to their album. Ever since 2016’s Nuit Noir, the band has recorded their own spoken words, as opposed to plagiarizing from movies. During their live performances, these voiceovers are synchronized with video projections showing actors who interpret the different voices on screen. An inverted soundtrack of sorts, or musical fiction, always tinged with realism in a striking and emotionally intense way. Fans of Mogwai, 65 Days Of Static, Pg.Lost, Cult Of Luna, This Will Destroy You, Explosions In The Sky, Maybeshewill, Meniscus, and soundtrack music, pay heed.

ELECTRIC FUNERAL FEST IV Announces Final Lineup Featuring Torche, Thou, Dead Meadow, And More; Tickets On Sale Now

ELECTRIC FUNERAL FEST IV — set to take place in Denver, Colorado this June — has confirmed its final lineup, with headlining sets from Miami riff merchants Torche and Louisiana sludge metal unit Thou, as well as psychedelic stoner rock veterans Dead Meadow, heavy psych/blues rock trio Tia Carrera, progressive blackened sludge metal conjurors The Lion’s Daughter, post/alt-metal outfit Chrome Waves, aetherical doom-bringers Un, post-hardcore/sludge misfits Horseneck, hallucinogenic metal collective Deathchant, and over two dozen others. See the confirmed lineup below. Dust Presents’ ELECTRIC FUNERAL FEST will take over South Broadway on June 14th and 15th, 2019. The annual gala features three stages at three separate venues – 3 Kings Tavern, Hi Dive, and Mutiny Information Cafe – consequently manifesting an irreplaceable street energy as fans gather on the sidewalks between venues, hit local bars for a breather, and snap photos with their favorite bands passing by. Comments Dust Presents on this year’s bill, “The fourth installment of ELECTRIC FUNERAL FESTIV will be even more monumental than last year’s sold out event. We value the intimacy of our hallmark festival, as it is held in mainstay, independent Denver rock clubs with very limited capacities. With a lineup that continues to diversify and grow in strength, ELECTRIC FUNERAL FEST will once again set South Broadway ablaze with good music and even better times. Join us June 14th – 15th for one of the most exclusive boutique heavy music festivals in the world.” For further info, tickets, merch, and more visit the newly-launched Dust Presents website: FUNERAL FEST:When: June 14th-15th, 2019Where: Denver, COVenues: Hi Dive (21+), 3 Kings Tavern (21+), Mutiny Information Cafe (all ages)Tickets: www.electricfuneralfestiv.eventbrite.comFriday, June 14th Lineup (alphabetical):Acid WitchAgainst The GrainBanquetBewitcherDead NowDeathchantDestroyer Of LightFathersFossil BloodGreenbeardHexxusLove GangOryxRoyal ThunderSourveinThouTia CarreraVelnias Saturday, June 15th Lineup (alphabetical):BummerCall Of The VoidCasket HufferChrome WavesDead MeadowDizz BrewFotocrimeGozuHorseneckRed MesaSun VoyagerTeethThe Lion’s DaughterThe MunsensThraTombs
TorcheTrapped Within Burning MachineryUnYatra ELECTRIC FUNERAL FEST – an event run and produced by musicians – is Denver’s premier heavy music festival, built as a bridge between one of North America’s most powerful and vibrant cities for heavy music and the legions of bands and fans who visit the Mile High City each year.

SATARAY: BrooklynVegan Streams Nocturnum Full-Length From Dark Ambient Project; Record To Drop This Friday Via Scry Recordings

This Friday, one-woman dark ambient project SATARAY will unleash her stunning Nocturnum full-length. Recorded and mixed by SATARAY and mastered by Casey Chittenden Jones (Noisepoetnobody) with imagery by ritual artist Anima Nocturna, the haunting seven-song offering seamlessly mingles lingering whispers, diseased howls, and mournful incantations within a realm inhabited by exquisite synth lines, masterful ambience, hypnotic rhythms, and entrancing production. In advance of its release, BrooklynVegan is hosting an exclusive stream of the record. Notes SATARAY of the work, “Nocturnum portrays a symbol of the night both literally and metaphysically, as this collection of songs were created over a two-year span in an isolated nature space, all done at night. Each song is a ritual to transmute deeply buried karmic energy.” Adds BrooklynVegan, “These ‘rituals’ are as dark and eerie as it gets, with ominous synths and SATARAY bringing her voice from a creepy whisper to a soaring cry.” Surrender to the sounds of SATARAY’s Nocturnum courtesy of BrooklynVegan at THIS LOCATION.Nocturnum will be released on April 5th as a limited-edition cassette and digitally via Bandcamp. For preorders, go to will play a special record release show April 26th with additional live ceremonies to be announced in the weeks to come. SATARAY Live:
4/26/2019 Highline Bar – Seattle, WA w/ Vouna, Eye Of Nix, Geist & The Sacred Ensemble [ticketsSATARAY has been active since 2006 through many different incarnations, including live performances and recording collaborations with Seattle experimental musician Celadon. Over the last few years, SATARAY has been composing, performing, and recording her own music entirely, focusing intently on a specific sound. Her live displays create a ritualistic space and atmosphere, often including performance art elements such as butoh dance and other movement inspiration. She has participated in the Cascadian Yule gathering, and appeared at the Esoteric Book Conference, Passiontide, ShadowDance, and more, bringing her live immersive experience to Berlin, Colombia, the US West Coast, and the Pacific Northwest. “…an embracing of the dark – a work that establishes dominion over the night’s destructive forces by first meeting them where they are and living among them…. There’s an unmistakable energy coursing through these compositions, and the open listener will be able to feel it washing over him or herself in waves.” – Indy Metal Vault

MASS DESTRUCTION METAL FEST III To Take Place In Atlanta, Georgia This November; Final Lineup Includes Performances From Nile, Sigh, Demolition Hammer, Terrorizer, Deceased, And More + Trailer Posted

The third installment of MASS DESTRUCTION METAL FEST will take place November 1st and 2nd at The Loft at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia and include performances from Nile, Sigh, Demolition Hammer, Terrorizer, Nunslaughter, Thantifaxath, Deceased, and more! An annual two-day, single-stage, all-ages event, MASS DESTRUCTION METAL FEST was conceived by Atlanta metalhead Cody Martin in 2016 and established in 2017 with the help of local Atlanta promoter Amos Rifkin (A Rippin Production). A festival created for fans by fans, previous lineups have included some of extreme metal’s most esteemed acts including Demoncy, Macabre, Nocturnus AD, Morbosidad, Sadistic Intent, and more. Offers Martin of this year’s lineup, “Coming up on our third year and having it still being a fun and exciting adventure for me is a pretty awesome feeling. I still can’t believe we have Sigh coming in from Japan. I’m also going to go bonkers when Demolition Hammer plays ‘Skull Fracturing Nightmare!'” Adds Rifkin, “This year, we took several huge steps forward, and we are extremely pleased with the level of lineup we’ve been able to assemble in only our third installment. Response has grown exponentially each year, and I’m overjoyed at the amount of friends planning on making the trip to Atlanta this fall!” The Loft at Center Stage, located in midtown Atlanta, is a seven-hundred capacity venue conveniently located near lodging and public transportation. In addition to a crushing lineup, the fest will include a special merch room featuring tables from a host of reputable heavy metal festival vendors. Interested in vending at this year’s event?  Email massdestructionproduction@gmail.comSingle day and weekend passes are currently available at THIS LOCATION. View theMASS DESTRUCTION METAL FEST III trailer HERE.MASS DESTRUCTION METAL FEST IIIWhen: November 1st-2nd, 2019Where: The Loft at Center Stage – Atlanta, GeorgiaTickets: LineupFriday, November 1st, 2019:NileTerrorizerNunslaughterThantifaxathMortemSacrocurseEctovoid Saturday – November 2nd, 2019:SighDemolition HammerDeceasedImprecationAres KingdomVesterianCaveman CultMorbid Torment 

ABRAHMA To Release Third Album In Time For The Last Rays Of Light May 24th Via Small Stone Records; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

French progressive heavy rock outfit ABRAHMA will release their third full-length, In Time For The Last Rays Of Light, this May via Small Stone. Following three tumultuous years of personal challenges and lineup changes, In Time For The Last Rays Of Light is a chronicle of the ravages of coping with loss and mental illness, brought to bear with heavy and progressive songwriting, melodic catharsis, and an impact that goes beyond the material itself. Produced and mixed at Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Ghost) In Time For The Last Rays Of Light follows 2015’s Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird, and whether it’s the stark chug and lumbering weight of “Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 1: Isolation Ghosts” or the furious blasting in “Lucidly Adrift,” its songs produce a depth of atmosphere that speaks to the soul that birthed them. A split with the prior lineup of the band brought the Rouen, France-based founding vocalist/guitarist Sébastien Bismuth into contact with local outfit Splendor Solis, whose members would soon be folded into the new incarnation of ABRAHMA. After many false starts, the band hit the studio in July 2018 and set to work on what is unmistakably their greatest accomplishment to-date: an album that copes with the depression that inspired it and soars hopefully above while reminding that the darkness beneath is ever-present.

“People do not take mental illness seriously,” says Bismuth. “People suffering from depression generally feel rejected, and it is not only a feeling. People who’ve never gone through it generally do not understand how hard it can be to live every day with this weight on your shoulders, all those questions going through your head.” Spanning genres and decades of influence, from the Bowie-ism of “…Last Epistle” to the gothic unfolding of closer “There Bears The Fruit Of Deceit,” In Time For The Last Rays Of Light speaks with raw honesty and lush craft to its challenges and realizations. In keeping with the album’s theme, a portion of the merch proceeds from ABRAHMA‘s next tours will go to help those suffering from mental illness. “I decided to use this album as a medication against this depression and maybe help other people in this situation,” Bismuth recounts. “Each song explains a different side of it: loss of confidence, other’s critical looks, the impression of not having a place in this world.”

With front and back covers by famed French artist Gustave Doré (1832-1883) and a greater expanse of sound than ABRAHMA has ever had before, In Time For The Last Rays Of Light confronts its demons and offers a reminder that light exists in the first place. [words by JJ Koczan/The Obelisk) ABRAHMA‘s In Time For The Last Rays Of Light will be released May 24th on CD and digital formats worldwide via Small Stone Records and in France on Deadlight Entertainment. For preorders go to THIS LOCATION where opening track “Lost.Forever.” can be streamed. View the album teaser at THIS LOCATION.

In Time For The Last Rays Of Light Track Listing:
1. Lost.Forever.
2. Lucidly Adrift
3. Eclipse Of The Sane Pt.1: Isolation Ghosts
4. Dusk Contemplation…
5. …Last Epistle
6. Wander In Sedation
7. Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle
8. There Bears The Fruit Of Deceit ABRAHMA:
Sébastien Bismuth – vocals, guitar, effects
Florian Leguillon – guitar, backing vocals
Benoît Carel – guitar, synth, backing vocals
Romain Hauduc – bass, backing vocals
Baptiste Keriel – drums, backing vocals