Michael Kiske - Place Vendome

January 4, 2007

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I was wondering if everyone in Hamburg was doing all right. I heard they got flooded out.

The weather sucks pretty much. Itís storming and raining and stuff like that. Youíre in Texas right? I guess itís pretty good weather there then.

Iím in Dallas but we have had over five inches of rain and our freeways have iced over and of course a lot of people donít really know how to drive very well. The streets will ice over and instead of driving around 10 or 15 miles an hour, they go at top speed and wind up crashing into other people and getting hurt or killed.

Youíre not really used to that kind of weather, right?

Actually, to be honest we do get icy conditions about once a year. Sometimes a year or two will go by and it doesnít happen. It happens about an average of once a year and you would think that people would realize icy roads are not something that you fuck with.

Yeah, but the weather is changing. Weíve noticed that over here. Northern Germany usually is very cold, gray, and rainy. We do have nice summer days but itís a standard picture that the weather is gray and depressing but itís getting warmer and warmer. We havenít had I think any kind of snow this year around Christmas. It was far too warm. The flowers and certain trees were acting as though it were spring. Itís a weird situation. We had about I think the warmest July in 100 years and then they say that even this year 2007 is going to be the warmest year. I donít know how they know this. They always say these kind of things. I donít know how they can really say this but you can really say that it gets warmer over here a lot. It has changed. We hardly get snow at all.

I think a lot of it has to do with the global warming situation.

Yeah, thatís what I was trying to say. Exactly. You can see at least that something is happening there.

Yeah, of course the guy who is running my country is a moron and totally denies that certain things are taking place.

Itís a very complex situation with the whole weather thing with this planet. It isnít to give any precise sort of statements about whatís happening but Bush is taking it far too easy. We canít just blow all this stuff into the air forever and expect nothing to happen. Of course something is going to happen. You Americans have this tornado stuff pretty much. These are going to get worse because of that.

Yeah, my father is Native American and of course one of the things that he gets upset about is how people have basically cut down almost all of the trees and forests and have practically cemented and concreted the whole country over. Of course when you cut down all of the trees and you have all these wide open spaces of nothing but buildings, that encourages tornados. It makes it a lot easier for them to come about. Then of course you have all of these hurricanes. Then you have my dear President who talks about democracy and freedom while he is dumping depleted uranium all over Iraq and of course that shit gets into the air. When the hurricanes come youíre breathing that shit in. Heís basically trying to radiate the planet I guess.

America is an extremely strong country. Important for everyone in the world right now. You canít get around it. Whatever path America is going the whole world will be affected. The reason why itís important that a country that has such a force and such an important position in the world, it needs to be caring about more than one nation. I know that the first thing for a President will always be his own country. You canít blame a President or a Chancellor like we have over here to take care of your country. That is absolutely understandable but thereís also a world that needs to go together somehow.

The thing of it is, Iím almost 40 years old and Iíve lived under a number of Administrations as we call them. This guy has got to be about the craziest President Iíve had to live under. To be quite honest he and the Vice-President really scare the shit out of me.

Can you remember how much the world was upset about Clinton and the thing with that lady? How harmless is that compared to Bush now?

Yeah, all he did was fuck some chick. I donít really have issues with that.

He was sort of lying just because he was scared of putting his marriage in danger. Itís not right to do so but itís understandable from the human side. He got weak and he did something with that girl he shouldnít have done. But compared to Bush I think Clinton was a great President really.

I liked Clinton and I voted for him because he and I share the same birthday actually. He did a couple of things in a couple of countries that I didnít agree with because I am totally against war and killing people. At the end of the day what he did was a situation between him and his wife and I didnít really give a shit. What this guy we have now is doing I care about because itís wrong to kill people. Thereís no excuse for that. Especially if youíre doing it for your profit margin because I know that whole Afghanistan and Iraq thing are about money and political clout. Thatís all itís about.

Especially controlling the oil areas over there because we all still depend on it. Itís a very difficult thing but Iím kind of feeling better about it. Usually when I talk to Americans during interviews, you actually notice that there is a lot of awareness and people are thinking. As a German I was born in 1968 and I donít know anything about the Hitler regime but we have a history that actually shows that when a nation is without question following national interests, without caring about other nations which have the same rights, itís a very dangerous path. Especially a country like America that is so strong and it is the strongest nation that is there really. Itís scaring a lot of people when you have such a nationalistic President who does things like that. Especially for a German, we know how dangerous it can be when nationalism gets over a certain amount. Especially when it gets combined with religious issues. I am a religious person myself but I know that God is no nationalist. Human beings on this planet and Iím absolutely sure that the spiritual world doesnít care about if a good person is an Iraqi or an Englishman or an American or whatever as long as he or she is a good person. That is what matters. If a country combines religious things with national things, this is always a dangerous combination.

It is. My mother is from Switzerland and she grew up post WWII Germany in Munich. Her father was in the French Resistance so naturally when all this weird shit started happening here in the U.S. after 9/11, my mom told me a lot about Hitler and itís obvious that George Bush is doing a lot of the same things that Hitler did. People like to point fingers at you guys and howl about Hitler a lot. That gets on my nerves because anybody who is my age like you are had nothing to do with Hitler or anything that went on before we were born.

Hitler is long dead.


The Nazi regime is all over. When a country has certain ways of mind controlling for instance, look at a statement for instance. I think itís getting better now I hope but when you look two years ago when the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks said that sheís not really agreeing with Bush and sheís feeling bad that she comes from the same state that he comes from, radio stations were not playing them anymore. She was getting letters. She was on German TV here and she was telling stories and freedom of speech which is a very important element of democracy is opposite to what happens there. When you disagree with the leadership of your country and other people spit at you and say youíre not a true American and things like that, this goes in vicious directions then. This has nothing to do with democracy and freedom of speech when you cannot speak out what you think and youíre in danger and are threatened that other people might kill you for it. Especially after the two towers came down it got really bad. There was some kind of media control which was very equal to Germany actually when the Nazis came up. The media was totally in control so everything that they wanted the people to think was designed through the media. You have two or three main news stations and I donít remember exactly which one it was.

Fox News is the worst one. Fox News is basically the mouthpiece of George Bush.

Yeah, thatís what I mean. Then those radio stations donít do their jobs anymore which should be delivering objective news and information to the people so that they can make up their minds. They start to do propaganda for certain leaderships in the country. Itís very equal to what happened 70 years ago.

Yeah, there are similarities and a lot of people are Hitler buffs who study everything about Hitler and they should have been the first ones to realize we were going down the same path. We have no excuse for doing what weíre doing because this kind of shit has happened in the past. It happened in Germany and we should know it for what it is. At the same time in my country we like to point fingers at others and put them down but when it comes to us, weíre individuals but all those Germans are one way and all those Moslems are the other way. Itís really insane and Iíve been awfully chilled to the bone for the past few years.

Itís very important that mentally you overcome things. You canít morally judge nations that way. Any moral kind of judgment makes sense on the individual. Youíre a human being and youíre responsible for what you do in your life. You may treat these people like that and others like that and this is where a moral sort of yardstick makes sense. If you have a group of people for instance like 12 people, a moral sort of justification gets already difficult because theyíre different individuals and itís ridiculous to call all these Islamic countriesÖIím not a fan of Islam. Itís not a religion that I find a very deep and spiritual religion. I find it a very materialistic and human unfriendly religion but thatís just my personal point of view. The thing is we canít just go there and call all those countries evil like Bush does in his sentences. Itís totally nonsense to say because you have a lot of problems in there. Of course there are a lot of lunatics and idiots especially in these sort of countries because they donít have any education. They donít have a chance to grow some sort of wider horizons and things like that. If you grew up reading nothing else but the Koran for instance, how on earth should you be able to understand things and have an objective point of view. We must never forget that any moral judgment only makes sense on the sense on the individual.

Another problem with these Islamic countries is that women are basically treated like shit and are very discriminated against.

The whole idea of God in those countries, especially in Islam, is actually a big tyrant who tries to make human beings the puppets. Itís a pretty strange way of looking at things. If you look at Christianity and Iím not talking at all about the church of Christianity. Iím not talking about the Roman Catholic church or all these church movements you have in America. Everybody has his own kind of ideas about things like that. The thing is you can find out objectively about it and if you have a spiritual kind of approach to it, there are special scientific ways to get to these sort of things which are not materialistic. Iím not a materialist. I donít think intellectualizing these kind of things is finding out any truth but I think that there are objective ways to answers in these kinds of things. When you realize that original Christianity has a beautiful idea of human beings, it has to do with moral responsibility, with freedom and dignity, and it is actually a very, very different sort of idea of God and the human being than the Islamic world has. It is very difficult to have a relationship with these kind of countries. I know it is. It is very difficult to get through these kind of things especially for an American when it comes to religious things. I personally find the American Christian church, you have different sortsof churches there. They all have different ways. Sometimes they are very Islamic like. Very fundamentalist.

The vast majority of them are. Iím in Texas and this is considered the Bible belt. Basically the more fundamentalist Christians run around talking about how theyíre being persecuted and I donít notice any churches being closed down. What it turns out to be is that if they canít shove their Bibles down your throat and they canít shove their version of Christianity down the throats of your children in school and force your children to obey their God then they honestly feel that they are being persecuted. Theyíre just like these Puritans that came over here. Those people werenít being persecuted. They were persecuting other people and got kicked out of every country that they went to so they had to come over here and kill my dadís ancestors.

Yeah, one major problem with a book like the Bible for instance is that human beings have changed so much over the last 2,000 years that we have a very materialistic and intellectualized way of reading these books. These books, I take them very seriously. Itís just that you need to find a spiritual way to understand it. This ridiculous fight that is in America about the ones who have this Bible idea of how human beings came to life and they have the scientific side with evolution, both sides are actually wrong. The evolution, the Darwinism, has a very materialistic way of looking at it. The religious has a very naÔve sort of idea of what it is. The true story is evolution which is how God creates. If you have a scientific look at evolution but not a materialistic and spiritualistic one, then you donít fade out the spiritual side of it. You also have a look at something like anthroposophy for example which is something that Rudolf Schneider invented in the early 20th century where he tried to have a scientific way to spiritual understanding. He died in 1925. When you look at these kind of things you realize that there is really no realistic fight going on between science and spirituality. Itís just the extreme way of how these two sides are putting it. If you look at all the scientists, they create a lot of I would call it mythology. They have scientific facts and then they make out of it something which is plain mythology. They have theories they call it. Scientific theories that they bring up and those theories are actually what gets spread in the magazines. It creates certain prejudices towards spiritual looks at life. You have this church movement coming out from the Roman Catholic church and you have the evangelist side of it that have different churches again and they lead some kind of a war against science which is just as ridiculous. You have to be open to truth. None of the materialism can explain any living thing. Itís not possible with plain mechanical looks at life to explain a living being. A human being. Even a plant, you canít explain it out of mechanical laws. Itís not possible. The spiritual side of the world, the look at life from the spiritual angle is really necessary to understand a lot of things. You have these extremes. You have these sort of religious fanatical kind of movements in all different colors leading a war against science and you have a materialistic science. In the middle this is actually where you can find the truth. Anyone for instance who calls themselves a Christian but is afraid of science canít really believe the truth in my eyes. For me as a Christian, how can science go against God? Itís not possible. Materialistic science goes against it yes but thatís a different story. There are ways to understand spiritual issues including scientific facts with evolution and you donít lose your religious qualities by that. This is the big problem with America. America hasnít heard anything yet about these sort of scientific ways to spiritual understandings yet. This is why there is such an extreme sort of left and right wing going on there. You have these church people who actually have very strange sort of ideas and then you have a very much materialistic scientific wing who is very blind on the spiritual eye. Thatís a very difficult situation especially for young people. People who actually have a desire for some sort of meaning in life, actually looking for some spiritual content and canít find it because you canít accept those church movements and on the other hand the materialism also cannot feed the soul. Itís a very, very sad and difficult situation.

The problem that Iíve noticed is that everything is always very extreme and there is no middle ground. Youíre either extremely religious or youíre extremely scientific. There is absolutely no racism going on or there is hardcore racism going on every day.

You need wide terms to understand life. You need to have a very open mind. You need to be able to make the terms. Like a growing thing like a plant, you need to have a very small term for it which is actually the way you think about wording plants for instance but you can have a wide term that combines a lot of different things. If people have very small terms and very bad terms, itís very difficult to understand life and they easily get to extremes. I am a musician and I am quite extreme myself to a certain extent when it comes to idealism or how much I believe that music needs to be free and should not be guided by an industry. The industry should be a helping hand to deliver your music to your audiences and to find the right audience. If it works like that, that musicians make their music with a heart and itís honest music that is nothing else but an honest expression of what you want to express in your music and then the industry takes this record and tries to find the right audience for you, thatís beautiful. Then everything works. As soon as the industry starts to dictate music and what actually has taken place totally, the industry designs musicians nowadays. Many have become these superstar circuses who actually design musicians as a hash pool or something like that. Thereís nothing real about it anymore. They donít write their own music. They donít sing about what they want to sing about. This music has absolutely no identity so when it comes to these sort of things Iím very radical myself. On the same side Iím very open to understand everything because how can I say that I know everything? Iím a spiritual being and a spiritual being means that you grow. That your mind grows. You go through evolution and you just learn more and more. This is always the problem no matter in what direction you go. People have narrow minds and are not open to other sides of life. Whatever I have found for myself I know that there are certain things which are true but I donít lose anything if I learn more. I donít lose anything of the things that I find precious in my life by finding out more things that other people can tell me that I donít know yet. A lot of people if they have found for instance a very specific religious truth that guides them through life, theyíre scared that theyíre losing something if they accept something else. They feel like everything that theyíre grounded on is taken away from them and I think one of the most necessary things if you want to get somewhere, youíve got to get rid of fear. Youíve got to get rid of being scared. Youíve got to have some sort of comfort in truth. That truth is a living thing that grows and grows. If you stop growing in these kinds of things youíre dead.

Yeah, thatís true. I think with the music industry, Iíve listened to music all my life. My mom raised me on Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones.

Iím a big Elvis fan.

I know that music has to change and evolve but I notice that the industry is so dictatorial. Ever since they found out they could make shitloads of money off of musicians, theyíve just gotten more dictatorial and it has to be like this and like that.

Itís a very easy to describe process. Every band, letís just take a good band. A band that gets together when theyíre young, when theyíre teenagers, and they form their band and write their songs. If theyíre really good somehow they make a record for instance or they make a demo and then they get a record deal and start selling lots of records. Their first record when they wrote their songs, they were totally free. They had their dreams maybe about success but there was nobody talking into their music so they were writing their songs. When they have done that first record and it starts selling big time, suddenly you have this market there and you have like wow, this record was selling 5,000,000 copies and then you have a record label there that obviously wants you to sell again because you canít blame them. Itís an industry. Itís a record label that needs to have a business running. And then this is where the problem starts. When these label people actually hear the new material of the band, the band keeps on writing their music the way they always did. They donít care about the success of this record. Theyíre happy about it and they use the money and the time to buy better equipment, better guitars, and whatever. They take their time to write new material but maybe in between the first record and the second record that theyíre supposed to write, there were three or four years. Letís say two or three years and they have changed as human beings obviously because they have been successful. They have been playing live. They have been meeting lots of people. They have been to many countries in the world that they havenít visited before. So theyíve changed as human beings and especially when youíre young like 18 when you start off, three years is a big step. From 18 to 21 you change a lot in these three years as a young person. When you express yourself again as a musician, obviously it will be different. The second record, the songs that they write for it will be different and then when it sounds different and you deliver this record to the record label, youíre dealing with people who donít really understand the principle of culture. The principle of music culture. Most of them start to get scared and say ďoh my God, this doesnít sound like the first record. You sold 5,000,000 with it. Weíve got do to something about it.Ē As soon as this happens, a band has to stand up and say ďokay, I know where you are coming from but we donít want to sell our souls. We want to be real musicians. This is what we are now. We have to express ourselves and we want to do this record the way we think itís right.Ē This is actually where a lot of bands fail. When the market pressure comes to the bands, they tend to actually start to get into this sort of situation that they only reproduce their best selling record for as long as possible. For a musician this means the end. This means actually the death of your music. It doesnít have an honest soul anymore and this sort of process that bands start off as honest bands and then they get successful and then the market wants a certain kind of, with market I mean the label people, fans, magazines, critics, have a certain idea of what this band is like. If the band moves on and actually does what they should do which is be creative and do something else and not reproducing the first record again which is useless anyway. Why buy another record of a band if itís just the same record with a new cover. The band does what it should do but thereís this resistance from all sides. This is why there are so many things so wrong in our music industry if you have critics, magazines, all those so called specialists in music, mainly the situation that we are in right now is that everything goes against true music. Everything goes against free music. Everything tries to dictate laws with music. Thatís why it is quite necessary to be as a musician very radical when it comes to your music. As a musician you should be willing to lead a war against anyone who tries to tell you what youíre supposed to do.

I notice that every time a band changes its sound a little bit, people shit their pants over it. The fact of it is, is that if a band is together for any length of time and they put out a number of records, sure one or two of them might turn out to be absolute clunkers but thatís just the nature of the beast sometimes.

Yeah, if you talk to someone for instance who complains about a new U2 record that sounds totally different than he expected, you just should ask him what he thinks musicians should do. What does he think makes real music. If he really thinks about it at all, he will say something like well, music that comes from the heart or when musicians do what they really believe in. You can find different ways of expressing what makes real music. The simplest way is that you express yourself to it. You do the music with your heart and if you change as a human being obviously your music must change. Thatís just a natural thing. Anyone who complains about bands and musicians changing their sound, what theyíre really saying is they donít care about if itís real what the bands are doing so long as they get what they want. What they liked in the first place. This sort of music that doesnít deliver anything new anymore, that isnít some kind of an evolution to your previous records, actually is missing the point of music culture. Because music culture should actually widen horizons. It should actually help you to learn more. Especially when you listen to a record of a band that you liked before and this record sounds so different that you donít understand it in the first place, itís a good chance to learn something new. This sort of reaction of saying, ďwell I donít like itĒ is actually the wrong way of treating these kind of bands or these kind of musicians. Especially when it sounds different, we should try to get into it and try to find out what is it all about. This is also part again of what we started with, materialism or a spiritual kind of looking at things, if you look at music from a materialistic point of view it is just a product. It is just something you deliver to please markets but if itís really what musical culture should be, I donít think so. I think it should be a lot more than that. It really should be something that makes us become bigger human beings. Music has a huge influence on the individual. You just said you grew up with music and when I first listened to Elvis, I was very young when Elvis died. I was eight years old when he died. That was the first time that I had ever heard of him but from that moment on, he was definitely successful in Europe in his last couple of years. I think the last thing that especially in Europe got noticed was in 1973 the Aloha From Hawaii thing which was a huge thing. The biggest thing ever around that time. That was pretty much the last time that Europeans heard from Elvis and then after that period it got pretty quiet because he got very ill and he wasnít doing much. His records sounded different but I got into Elvis very big time and when I look back to how much it changed myself, how much music actually affected me and made me feel different about certain things, for a number of years now Iím into classical music. Iím listening to the old German classical music a lot. You probably know Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and these kind of musicians but also others. This again has had a big influence on me. What Iím trying to say with it is that this sort of music is coming from a period where music had to do with culture a lot and not so much with an industry. That sort of an industry didnít exist during that time. This music has such a strength in making one become a better human being because it emotionally educates you. What does a song do to you? The meaning of all music is to affect you emotionally. It speaks a certain language and whatever you put into a song will raise certain feelings within human beings who listen to that. Thatís why Iím always saying it does matter what kind of ideals people connect with music. If you look at devil worshippers for instance, these satanic sort of bands that you have in metal a lot that has that death metal stuff, this sort of music is very bad for people. When you listen to this sort of music it damages your soul. If you talk to people who listen to that type of music for 10 years, you realize that thereís some sort of numbing up happening. Same thing with movies you watch. New movies that have very brutal sort of stories where violence gets glorified but also the other side. If you have a song, it doesnít necessarily have to be soft music. You can be aggressive. You can be frustrated. You can shout out some frustration if it is justified. It can also be a healing thing. Itís a different story to glorify brutality, if you glorify gangster sort of lifestyles like the gangster rap does, or if you glorify negativity and destruction which a lot of bands in metal do these days. It has a very, very negative effect on people. I think itís one of the biggest illusions that people have and itís also a side effect of materialism is that they think music is some kind of zero thing which has no reality at all. It has a big reality. It has a moral reality. Music is nothing else but emotions put into a hearable form and with CDs or with previous generations, records, you put it into a form that preserves it so you can put it in a CD player and listen to it whenever you want to. Then you have these emotions coming out of the loud speakers and the whole meaning of music is to raise emotions. A song once will have maybe the quality to make you sad or make you feel happy or whatever. You have all different kinds of moods that music will raise but what Iím trying to say with all these words is that music has a very strong impact on the human soul so it does really matter if a song comes from the heart or doesnít come from the heart. If I tell you a story for instance and Iím lying to you, do you think that it has no effect on you?

Of course it does.

Of course it does. If you have children for instance and youíre always honest with your children and you always tell them the truth to a certain extent, some things you hide from your kids until theyíre old enough so you donít shock them. Some things are certainly not necessary to be told to a very young child of course, thatís not what I mean. You wouldnít lie to your kids. If you lead a lifestyle in front of them that proves to them that they canít trust you for instance, you say tomorrow we do this and that and then you just donít do it. They can just not count on you. That educates them. That will make them be quite equal maybe later on. Maybe theyíre stronger and they take a certain negative experience that they had in their family and they go the opposite. My father for instance is a bad alcoholic. I never drank alcohol in my life because I hate that stuff. Because I saw what it does to people. My brother for instance has his own alcohol problem because he went the same way. What Iím trying to say with it is, if we speak the truth to people it does good to people. If we lie to people it does bad to people and the same thing goes with music. If you express yourself honestly in a song and musical styles are just a matter of taste, Iím not talking about the styles. Thereís beautiful music everywhere apart from this devil shit. This is not music to me, death metal. This is just hatred. Some sort of craziness transformed into noise. Everything else that has some sort of a human quality and an idealistic kind of intention is beautiful. There are different kinds of musical styles and itís just a matter of taste what youíre listening to but if itís honest, you can have a country musician for instance who loves country music. He grew up with country. He has his heroes that he loves and admires. Good songwriters and if he does country music and thatís the music he loves with everything he is and he writes his songs with all of his heart, thatís true art. In effect the difference Iím trying to make here is, is it real what youíre expressing with your music or is it not real. I think a dishonest song, a song thatís not written with the heart, a song that is just designed for markets for instance. Itís just designed to catch a certain job position, I think it does damage to people who listen to it because itís false music.

Certain songs to me at least bring back certain memories. I can listen to Lionel Ritchieís song ďSay You Say MeĒ and that reminds me of when I was in the Air Force and I was in tech school and I met this guy. Thatís the kind of stuff that songs do or if I hear Def Leppardís ďPour Some Sugar On MeĒ, it reminds of when I was in the Air Force and we used to go to nightclubs and dance to that song. Certain songs evoke certain pleasant memories and then some songs evoke certain unpleasant memories but yes, songs affect you. They affect your psyche.

Everyone has songs that they connect emotions with but what Iím trying to get to is the moment of expression of a musician, why a musician does what he does, it makes a difference. It is a spiritual sort of thing that gets carried through the song. If you express something thatís real within a song this gets carried in that song. Actually that makes the difference between someone like John Lennon for instance. Do you like The Beatles?

Oh yes.

John Lennon for instance, if you look at him from a very objective thing, he didnít have a very big voice. He wasnít a very awesome singer in terms of technique or things like that but he had personality. He had charisma. No matter what kind of a song he would be singing, even if itís just a normal rock and roll tune, there was something coming across. He was carrying some sort of spiritual quality that came out of his personality. If you compare for instance John Lennon to one of those casting heroes from Great Britain or even worse from Germany, people were casted for Star Search. Iím not saying that theyíre bad singers but usually they donít have a lot of identity otherwise they wouldnít go to these kind of shows. If you know what you want you donít really care about what those guys think about what youíre doing. You just do your own thing and form your band and you record your music and you find a label to support you. You would never go to a casting show and try to kiss their asses and hope they like you. The difference between a superstar like John Lennon or Elvis Presley, the secret behind the success of Elvis was he looked like a Greek god. He looked beautiful and that had a strong commercial effect on people obviously especially on lots of women. He was beautiful. He was honest in his singing. He could even sing those crap songs during his movie period and you could still listen to it because he just put so much heart into his music. Elvis with his voice, you can look deep into his soul. Thatís what we all love about him. When he sings you feel the passion. You know that thereís an individual there that is different from the rest of the people you know. A very strong personality that has something to say in a way that nobody says it. Thatís what we like about the individual. Thatís what we like about superstars. These kind of people put something in their music that is timeless. Even in 20 years you can listen to a Beatlesí song and it can still get you. These music industry driven products will be forgotten in two or three years. There are certain hit singles that some boy or girl had in the past that just wear out very, very easily and after a while you just canít stand them anymore. They just donít carry any artistic truth. Itís very difficult to explain when you talk to people who donít make music themselves. If you talk to musicians who are writing songs, they know pretty much what Iím talking about because they know the process. The difference between writing a song because someone tells you to write a song or writing a song because you have something on your mind or something in your heart and you put it out. These kind of songs are timeless. They just have a different kind of quality. Thatís what Iím trying to get across right now.

I totally understand. Like I said, Iíve listened to music all my life and Iíve purged out my music collection many times and gotten rid of stuff that I just donít care for anymore. I can take a Presley record or a Rolling Stones record or a Beatles record or even a Madonna record and put that on and itís still something I enjoy.

Why Iím always talking about these things so much is because these things really get forgotten. A lot of young people donít really know the difference anymore between a musician who has identity and a musician who is just a plain product of the record label.

Iím a huge Helloween fan and Iíve always loved that band. I noticed that you and Andi Deris have sung in some of the same bands. Iím also a huge Pink Cream 69 fan and it was really cool to hear this new Place Vendome CD. Thereís a bit of an incestuous thing going on there.

A few people have actually asked me about that. It was a funny situation that Mr. Weikath who is actually the one who has made his own band out of Helloween for a number of years now who got Andi out of his Pink Cream 69 band into Helloween and me out of the band. It was a pretty long story but I donít want to get into it too much. Itís a funny situation that now a couple of years later Dennis Ward is doing this kind of project and Iím doing the vocals for it because it really sounds like a singer switch, thatís very true. I didnít actually know that most of the musicians were actually original Pink Cream 69 people. I just heard that afterwards because the Place Vendome project came together through the owner of Frontiers Records, Serafino. He was contacting me I think it was three years ago now if I would be interested in singing an AOR kind of project. Some kind of Journey/Foreigner type music he was describing it as. I said sure. It always depends on the music and if itís good stuff, why not. Then a couple of weeks passed by and he picked out Dennis Ward and then he asked me what I think about Dennis Ward. I didnít even know who he was. Then later on I realized that he used to be in Pink Cream 69. I think even after I had finished the vocals for Place Vendome, I didnít know that most of those members were Pink Cream 69 members. Itís just awkward. Itís just got to be and then I met them. The only person that I met as a person was the guitar player Uwe. He was here in Hamburg last year. I think it was last year and he wanted to meet me just for fun and he was the only guy that I met. The rest was just two different studios produced. I have the demos of the songs and I was doing the vocals to the demos and I sent them the vocal tracks. Dennis Ward was recording in the meantime the rest of the music and sliding in the vocals that I had done. Thatís how the record came together. In the first place I didnít even know that it was the Pink Cream 69 people but itís a funny thing, isnít it?

I had read that when you guys did this record you had recorded the vocals on your own and just sent them in. Thatís an interesting way to do a record.

Yeah, but itís pretty common these days because the technical possibilities are there. Everybody has his own little studio now. You donít have to spend a fortune anymore to get a great sounding studio these days. A few things still cost a lot of money like good recording channels or good instruments. These kind of things will always cost a bit of money but you can buy a strong computer and a good sound card and you can actually record things in a quality that 50 years ago you would have paid a fortune in a studio for that. That makes these kind of corporation production sort of things easier. To me it is also very comfortable if I donít have to go into a studio where someone is having the clock in his eye all the time because every hour costs money or every day costs money. Itís kind of a pressure in terms of recording that is not very comfortable. I really like having the basic tracks there and when I feel like singing I go into my little studio and I do some vocal tracks. If I donít feel like it I go back home and play a Play Station game or something like that. If I feel like doing another track I go back to the studio. I think the result is a lot better if you have your freedom to do it like that so I really like the possibility of producing records like that. Itís not like it used to be in the old days when bands were really sitting together in a studio and playing. I still think it creates more magic if musicians are really able to play like U2 for instance. They really record all their stuff in the studio in one room. That is what makes it sound so live. Not a lot of bands do it these days and in terms of the vocals itís not very necessary. You can just sing to a tape loop as much as you can sing to a band playing live. But in terms of the band playing, I think they could sound better if they really played together in a room and can see each other.

Where they have human contact. I used to think that when people recorded records, they just sat there in a studio and played together and recorded together.

Because thatís how it used to be and a few musicians still do it like that because they just know that it creates the best vibe. Especially a lot of the young musicians, they donít even do that anymore. They have guys on guitars while theyíre recording the drums and the drummer gets recorded and the rest is for him as a pilot. When the drums are in and the bass player is gluing his bass on it and then the guitars are coming on it, everything is bit by bit by bit by bit and it is easier to produce like that. Itís much better if you can really play it. The Beatles for instance had to be able to play their songs. They had to be able to be as good as you hear it on the records. You have a lot of bands these days who are just blinding on the records and everything sounds very professional but they canít really play like that because everything is just glued together with the technical possibilities that we have these days. If you notice, as soon as you see them live you know what theyíre really about. On stage this is where a band has to prove itself. This is where you realize and where you notice that this band was produced in a studio with a lot of technical help. Live they donít sound like that. Sometimes itís very revealing to see a band live.

Yeah, thatís the people you call the Pro-Tools generation. Iím a really huge KISS fan and I have all of their original stuff. I remember when they came out with their remasters and everybody asked me if I was going to buy the remasters. Whatís the point in that? I bought their CDs the way they sounded which was raw and in your face and apparently I liked the band that way. Why should I go out and buy the same music over again because they figured out a way to make it more technologically advanced.

Sometimes itís fun to do this if they do it differently. I for instance record some of my old Helloween tracks as acoustic versions now because I just feel like it but itís a different thing. Itís something very different that can be very interesting but if you do it only for technical reasons but then again Iím a producer myself. Itís probably not so easily understood by someone who is just listening to music but if you produce a record and you have something that you didnít like in the past and you helped produce the record and you just never liked the production in the end though. You had someone else mixing it and you feel the guy didnít really do a very good job. You donít really care if the record was successful or not, you basically want to please yourself. You just want to make it as good as you think it should sound. From the producerís standpoint I can understand why bands do this. From a listenerís point of view, sometimes it is quite useless. Then again you donít have to buy it.

Yeah, I just never saw the point in going out and rebuying a bunch of stuff that I already have.

Thatís what I mean. Thatís just a point that a producer understands if youíre not satisfied with something. Itís like George Lucas with his Star Wars movies. How often has he worked those movies over. Brought new additions out of it just because he wasnít happy with it. Probably heís going to do it again in 10 years.

Yeah, youíre probably right about that. Itís like when they do all these remakes of King Kong and all that.

Yeah, when youíre not happy with it, you just want to do better. But then again itís always better I think to make new music. To write new songs is always the best thing.

You participated in some rock operas.

I had been doing in the last 15 years a few things here and there, yeah. Not much actually. It was two or three things. Actually one of them was also very interesting. As I said I like classical music a lot and when a project goes a little bit into that direction it gets more interesting. There was a project from a German guy here called Aina and a few of those songs had actually almost a musical kind of character. It was very classical with orchestration. Not all of it but some of the songs and especially one of the songs that I did on that record and I enjoyed that very much. That was very cool and it had interest for me as a singer not only to sing my own music but when I write my own songs, it is obviously very organic and you do things in a certain way but it is a different story if you have to sing a song that someone else has written. Maybe you have to fight with certain melodies which are difficult to sing or technical problems. I just know that when I sing songs that someone else has written I actually learn a lot more technically and in terms of singing than singing my own material which has a different quality again. I really like doing projects. Itís just interesting to do. Thereís also another side to why it is a lot more fun to do because youíre not involved in it so much. The songs are not your babies, you donít have to be in charge of everything. You donít care that much about what the guitars sound like. You donít produce the whole thing for yourself. Youíre not in it from beginning to end. You just get a song and you take care of your vocal performance and you give it away again and someone else is doing the mixing. Itís a lot easier for you to do. Thatís another reason why itís a pleasure to do.

Yeah, Iíve listened to several rock operas. Thereís this one guy who I think his name is Nikolo Kotzev who does those. That stuff is just so beautiful. I like seeing that classical aspect mixed with the modern.

Also Deep Purple. Nowadays Deep Purple also does it. Itís not so much my kind of band but I saw them on TV with Ian Gillan with an orchestra. It was perfect what theyíre doing there.

Oh, when some of these rock and metal bands have a symphony orchestra. Metallica did that too. I thought it was incredible.

Yeah, especially for Metallicaís sort of metal it was very interesting.

I thought that was cool. Iím not the kind of person that goes to see a symphony orchestra but when something like that gets into rock music, thatís just awesome.

It is. The possibilities are endless. You can do anything and you should. Thereís nothing I find more ridiculous than restrictions. Trying to bury bands and certain musical styles. You always have had in the past these kind of breaking free situations. One is like crossover. This came up because bands get tired of certain styles and start to mix things up to create some sort of new things. Elvis, youíve totally heard of that story. In the first couple of months that he actually had a record contract and they were jamming around with ďThatís Alright MamaĒ, it was in a break situation where they started to jam around with it and I think it was Sam Phillips who started the record button and actually that type of style was born. He mixed country and western with what he learned within the black community. Rhythm and blues. It is maybe a little bit too much if you say that he totally invented rock and roll because there was rock and roll going on with certain black musicians but he created some kind of a public style of it. He was making it in a different way and that was also a crossover situation. You just had it with some other bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Nobody talks about crossovers anymore because itís not a term thatís very fashionable at the moment but itís a word that came up 10 years ago or was pretty hip 10 years ago. Just talking about musical directions that youíre mixing up and I think it is very necessary on an individual basis that musicians always try to gain new ground. They always should try to stay excited about what theyíre doing otherwise they will be dying and start making boring music. Itís so necessary for any musician that you stay excited about what youíre doing and risking things and trying out new things is the best way to do that.

You had mentioned the Dixie Chicks earlier. They originally started out making rock and roll music and crossed over into country. When all that fallout happened because that one lady practiced her constitutional rights, they decided that maybe they need to return to the rock realm again.

Yeah, then look at Faith Hill for instance who started off as a very country singer and started to take the Shania Twain sort of direction with letting in rock music and pop music influences. How many traditional country people can stand there without complaining. Itís always the same situation when you have these narrow-minded people who just donít like it when bands change and try out different things. Metal is very, very heavy like that which is why I really donít fit into that music scene at all anymore from an artistic point of view but also another musical direction you have like in country, you have a lot of conservatism.

Very conservative and dare I say it very narrow-minded people.

Yeah and it doesnít help. Itís the death of music. Musical culture needs freedom. I think itís necessary for musicians to talk about this. To tell fans when they complain about a new record sounding different that they donít want to repeat themselves. That they want to be creative and that those fans should not throw the record away just because they donít understand it in the first place. Maybe they should spend some time to understand it. You would agree to understand more music is the game isnít it?


Where is the point of ďoh okay, this record doesnít sound the way I expected it. I donít like it.Ē Whatís the point? Iím not saying that anyone has to like everything but if you liked a band in the past and they made a new record and it sounds different, itís worth giving it a try. I just noticed for myself in the past those records that I didnít understand in the first place, but after a while like a few times listening to them, those were the records that lasted the longest. The ones that I understood immediately, this is not a law that it always happens like that, but it happens that those records get boring very easily and you donít listen to them anymore. I think that itís very important that musicians understand their mission again. Musical culture has to do with giving humanity something that makes us more. Itís the same thing with movies. We should become bigger individuals and stronger individuals and learn something we donít know. Itís the whole reason why cultures should be there. Culture is a spiritual sort of thing. To culture a flower for instance means that you find the right ground, that you give the flower enough water and light so it can grow in a beautiful way. You can do the same thing for human beings. When you have children and you surround them with very selfish, egotistical, low thinking, negative people this is not a very good cultural surrounding. If you have a child surrounded by beautiful people who have a big heart and care about each other and show them friendship, human values which are precious, you help the kid to grow into a healthy human being. Music actually has a mission to help here. To help idealize people. To help widen horizons and this has been totally forgotten because materialism is all that controls people. When I am saying materialism, it isnít necessarily just money. Itís a way of looking at life. Itís a way of looking at humanity and what is a human being. What are the values of life? If you have moral values and when I am talking about moral values, Iím not talking about this sort of church dogmatism, Iím talking about values that any human being can understand looking inside of its soul. If I tell you that it is wrong to kill and rape a girl I donít need to explain that to you. Your heart knows that this is wrong to do. There are certain moral qualities that are elements of a healthy human existence and only criminal minds have a sort of a defect or an error of their soul, of their spiritual individual. They lose these sort of senses. A lot of people have these insecurities these days when it comes to moral issues and thatís why some of them go to church movements and try to get this security there and those ones usually get very dogmatic and fanatic in another very negative way because of the insecurity that they have. Others go in the other direction and they lose all moral senses. You have those Satanists for instance who have this sort of ideology that anything that is fun is right. Anything that pleases me is right. How can you say this when you have a rapist for instance or someone who actually kills children for pleasure. He does what he enjoys. They have lost their sense of good and bad because of materialism. Because of losing their spirituality which doesnít necessarily have to be at all bound to a tradition or to any official churches. Iím always talking about something you can achieve or reach just by having an open mind and search for the truth in your life. Itís very difficult for me to explain this in English. In German Iím much better. I would be able to explain these things a lot better. I think itís very necessary to talk about these things especially because of the confusion you see in the world. You have people becoming very insecure about what is right and what is wrong. These issues are important because we canít just do what we enjoy because there are things that are objectively wrong. There are things that are evil. If someone gets pleasure in hurting other people itís an evil attitude. If you find pleasure in hurting other people this is a good example of what evil is like. Those people lose their humanity. They lose what makes us humans. Having a heart that cares about the other person and is able to give rather than take. There are Christian values which I think are very objective that you can actually understand and you can actually agree to even without being a member of a church and I think in our times itís very necessary to find a basis again. To find objective views about these things that everybody can agree on because you have these especially in America like I started off, when we started this conversation here, you have these two extremes that go one direction and the other direction and both are leading to very, very difficult situations.

When you talk about Christian values like the ten commandments, the fact of it is, those people didnít invent those particular values. They picked up on them and incorporated them into their religion. People always talk to me about how my dadís people were these heathen savages. No, they werenít. Some of these Indian tribes had actual governments and it was well understood that you donít steal from your neighbor, you donít rape somebody, you donít kill somebody for the hell of it, you donít do this, that, or the other. They had never heard of Christianity. These are inner themes that you either understand whatís right and whatís wrong or you donít. It has nothing to do with religion.

Exactly. All you need is obviously a sort of spiritual sense. If you look at it just from the intellectual point of view, if you just intellectualize them, morality makes no sense. The intellect doesnít really understand morality. The heart does. From the intellectual point of view you can say it makes sense to have a society where not everybody is killing each other. Thereís a rational way to go to these things but you will never actually make someone be strong as a moral individual just by rational explanations. If you look at it from the rational point of view, just from the intellectual point of view, be selfish makes even more sense. To care just about yourself. Just do whatís best for you and not even caring what other people do. Just from the intellectual point of view this makes what I said but from the moral side it is wrong. We have different sorts of intelligence within the human being. You have intellectual intelligence and then you have a moral intelligence. This is where a lot of people are different. What makes a criminal? A criminal doesnít feel that the other individual is real. Someone who takes the life of someone else can only do it if he doesnít really see this other person as something real. Itís some sort of an emotional error that some people can just easily take another life. You have those gangsters who just for sneakers or for 10 dollars, they kill a person. Isnít it the situation with Bill Cosby? Wasnít his son killed over 10 dollars?

Yeah, I think so.

I think that was the situation and this is actually what Iím always trying to get to because we are in a situation where religions are not very convincing anymore. They are losing their strength especially because theyíre also very materialistic but then again materialism leads to very, very destructive and negative societies which actually just kill themselves. We have to find a way to spirituality but combined with science to actually not lose all human values which is a very, very difficult situation. You have a lot of people actually rejecting Christianity because of what the church does. Because they donít know the history enough that actually the Roman Catholic church doesnít have much to do with Christianity. It is actually the Roman Empire who just took over the Christian name and made it some kind of a soul imperialism to control people from the other end. When you look at true Christianity it has been something completely different in the early days. It was never about power. It was never about controlling minds. It was never about mind control or having an organization like the Roman Catholic church controlling millions of people. It was about the free individual being morally responsible for himself. That is the rational assessment. It is actually about something else but then again the church doesnít know what happened there anymore. Have you ever heard from a church person that Jesus was born and lived a pretty natural life until he was 30 years old and then actually Christ got into him when this water thing happened? If you read the Bible you realize that he had a job that he was working in and when this thing with St. John the Baptist happened, thatís when the Spirit got into him and thatís when he started to talk about these kinds of things. The church has actually wiped out the knowledge about these things which was actually something early Christians always knew that Jesus was a special person of course but he was living until the age of 30 and then Christ got into him. But then again not many people know what Christ really is. I canít possibly get into the subject now because then Iíd probably talk for two days. I have explained a little bit about what Iíve found out. What Iím trying to say is Christ was God himself that got into Jesus and then there was Christ talking out of him and when you know these kind of things and then you read the Bible, you get a totally different understanding of it. This sort of understanding, the mysteries of Christianity, have been totally wiped out by the Roman Catholic church and thatís why you have this sort of Christianity that doesnít even know who Christ really is.

I also know that in the Vatican from what I understand, the Bible had more books in it and they took some of them out.

Absolutely. In the Vatican everything is locked up but over the years more and more has been actually gotten out and translated but people donít deal with spiritual issues anymore. People have their religions. They have their interpretations and they have their dogmas and thatís what theyíre satisfied with. Thatís what theyíre trying to lead a life with but it doesnít work. It has nothing to do with a real spiritual life. In the end if you look at it, a lot of those religious fanatics who have called themselves Christians do a lot of evil things. They are very heartless sometimes to their children. Theyíre very tough to them and they donít respect their free will especially in America. You have a lot of those so-called Christian people who are very, very hard and heartless to their children under the name of Christianity.

Not only that but we also have a weird situation here where you take 9/11 for example where thousands of people were killed in one day and it was a horrible thing and then they turn around and run to Afghanistan and Iraq and they start killing people there. And they actually think that theyíre doing something wonderful and justified. Wait a minute, you want to talk about morality. My question here is, did you object to what happened because people were killed or did you just object to what happened because it happened to be Americans?

Thatís a very good thing what youíre saying there because that is actually what I was trying to say earlier on. That religious things connected with nationality is what leads to these kinds of things because every individualís life that is taken is wrong. If you look at it, there were around 3,000 that died on September 11 and then I have heard something like 200,000 that actually died in Iraq now. Then not counting and saying these numbers are worse than those numbers, what I am trying to say is that it doesnít matter under what name or under what political flag or reasons we take lives, there is just one thing where I think a country has the right to defend itself, itís when it is attacked. When youíre really attacked.

By an actual foreign military invasion.

When a country really attacks you which was not the case. Iraq did not attack America. This is what Bush actually did. He was kind of making it up like it seemed that Iraq was responsible for it but it was never proven. It was actually the CIA that found out the opposite. These papers that the CIA passed on to Bush were saying that they donít have weapons of mass destruction. That they donít have long distance weapons which can reach America. These documents are actually available via the Internet if you look at them for yourself. Bush knew that these sort of things were not real but he walked out and he lied to you guys and told you the opposite to get willing for this war.

Well, I believe my government was involved in 9/11. I donít really believe it had anything to do with Islamic terrorists. I smell power and profit.

A lot of people have these sort of ideas, letís put it that way. It was the best thing that could have happened for this war. For Bush this was awesome because it made you guys scared. I actually saw a documentary over here in Germany where a German journalist was actually visiting different houses in America and just interviewing the people about what they think about this. Then they started talking about how itís very, very scary to hear that Saddam Hussein has bombs that can reach California. He just realized that this was in the heads of the Americans but it wasnít true. They didnít have these kind of bombs.

Whatís so funny about that is that people shiver at the thought that somebody can drop a bomb here never mind the fact that weíve dropped bombs on Germany and weíve dropped bombs on Japan. We have in fact terrorized people all over the world but thatís not scary to them. Itís only scary if the shoe is on the other foot. Dropping bombs on anyone is scary to me.

The bombs on Germany were justified because there was a pretty sick regime here. You have different situations in all the different wars. Of course we all know that. The thing is, just look at democracy for instance. We all know that democracy is by far the best political concept that we have found yet. But still what right do we have, I call democracy countries, to force democracy on another country?

You canít do that because democracy has to be voluntary.

In Iraq for instance, most of the Iraqis hated Saddam Hussein. A lot of the Iraqis still hope the Americans can do things better but unfortunately because Bush being so unable to really do things right that they have some kind of a civil war going on there that makes things worse. Now so many Iraqis hate Americans. The hatred of Americans was never bigger and the danger of terrorism was never bigger than nowadays because of this war. What Bush actually did was fulfill all these things that these radical Islamic teachers were telling the people. He kind of fulfilled a lot of those things by the way Bush was doing it which is very dangerous. No country has the right to force democracy on another country. If a country like Iraq wants to be an Islamic state, well they can canít they? Who are we to tell them they have to have an economy and things like that. We just canít do that. Part of democracy is to respect the free will of other people. If another country wants to be an Islamic state, who are we to tell them they canít?

Not only that but letís face it, when somebody from a foreign country comes over and they blow up your house and they kill your family and they destroy your businesses and your economy because Iraq did have a rather thriving economy, I think things are a hell of a lot worse now than they were before especially for the women. The women had more freedom in the past than they do now.

The people are very subjective. When we had the German war going down, here in Germany we were separated in two parts after the Second World War. In the eastern side of Germany you had some sort of communism life going on there. Everything was controlled and people were very controlled by the government like it is in these kind of countries. Communism is just a concept that the individual is nothing which doesnít work at all. Thatís the way it was there. When the wall came down those people were not prepared to survive in this sort of capitalism that weíre living in. Taking care of their own things, finding a job and working for your money, not having this sort of controlled life that they used to have. The stronger ones were kind of happy with the situation but the more naÔve and the more simple minded ones actually wanted the old system back. This is pretty much the same in Russia for instance. The system was going down which was a communist system too but now a lot of the areas in Russia are having a very slight situation than they used to have so a lot of the people actually want the old system back because of it. You have exactly the same situation in Iraq like you described it when you have your children dying or your husband being arrested and thrown into these sort of prisons that they have there without a proper trial and things like that.

Or having these soldiers bang down your door and rip up your house.

Yeah, exactly. These people obviously hate the country thatís in there because itís an invasion. Iím very happy that you talk like that and you tell me these kind of things because I never hated America. I was never an anti-American person. I am very German and I am very connected with the German culture which is not the Nazi culture. Itís the culture that was before that. The beautiful culture that used to be there. Thatís what I feel very connected with. Iím not someone who is over Americanized. I have been to the United States pretty often. Iíve toured the United States for months and I have met many American people and I think it is a beautiful country. Iím not a person who is anti-American and I donít blame the American people for their government. Of course you are responsible for what you are voting for and you guys are responsible for the politicians. We all get what we deserve. The same thing with Germany. The Germans were not totally innocent about Hitler getting that far. These Nazis were very clever. Everything was very intelligent and it was a very new situation that the Germans couldnít deal with. They didnít even know it was happening.

It never happened before.

It was a very clever concept. Then again it needs a certain environment. It needs a certain social death. It needs a certain heart weakness to falter that drastically. The Germans were also responsible for that guy getting up and taking over and everything that happened there too. Itís the same thing now in America too. I separate the general public from the political leaders and I am quite happy that a lot of the Americans talk like you do now because it is very important that people think about it. It is very important that people can see the differences because if you look at it, Bush always talks about terrorism and the threat of terror and the threat against freedom and even Christian values. But mainly he is a threat. He terrorizes those people with the things he does. Itís a pretty weird situation to talk like that for him.

Personally I think he is a terrorist.

He likes to call himself a war President.

Yeah, the man is fucking creepy. He sends chills down my spine. I donít like politicians anyway and that man makes me absolutely detest politicians.

I donít like politicians either. The problem with Bush is that he is not very intelligent. That is the problem and the thing is itís even more complicated because thatís how it happens very often in big politics. The guy up front, the guy who always gives the face like Bush is usually the zero. His father gave him all the money. He was a drinker. He was not interested in politics and things like that.

His father has purchased everything for him from his grades to the governorship of Texas.

Bush is just a puppet. The people behind him that tell him what to do, tell him what to say, that guide him, itís more complicated in the end.

Those are the creeps. Hitler was the same way. It was the people behind him like that Goebbles guy that was the real brains of the operation. Itís always the people behind the scenes.

Yes, absolutely because this is much more safer. You have someone up front who gets all the dirt and the people who really control the things are in the darkness which is always the best way of doing things.

You never really know who they are.

Itís very difficult for the average person because you really donít have the time to deal with these things in a way it is necessary to look through it a little bit at least.

Whatís going on here is really a very creepy situation and itís not that Iím afraid of some foreign element. Thatís always a possibility. What gives me the creeps is my own government.

A lot of people donít take this very seriously because there is some kind of a ridiculous side to it. Have you heard about Skull and Bones?


This sort of organization that has its home in Yale.

Yeah, itís a fraternity.

It was founded in 1813 or something like that. It has some black occult fundamentals. I have to say it all the time, I am a very spiritual person. I take the white occult things very seriously. Occultism doesnít mean anything else but the hidden truth. Everything that is occult means, the Bible is an occult book, thatís why so many people donít understand it. It talks a spiritual language. Jesus was never walking over water. This was just an image of a certain form of walking on a different spiritual area. Have you ever heard the story of the ferryman who brings you over to the other life when you die? He takes you in a boat. He gets you to the other side but never back. These images like in Egypt for instance, they also have this ship where the pharaoh was on it and then the ship carries him over to the other side, itís an image of the occult language of astrology and that is actually the image that was used in the Bible. He was actually trying to get his people around him to get to a higher spiritual level to see something that is not physical and that looks like he walks on water. He was not a circus clown who was walking on water to impress people. If you take these things materialistically you get nonsense out of it. I take the occult things very seriously because the occult science is just a spiritual science that tries to find out whatís real behind our physical world. Even the very materialistic physics are always dealing with these sorts of things. I donít know if you deal with natural science a lot. I donít know if youíre informed about where our scientists are these days when it comes to physics. What is it that youíre touching when you touch the matter, theyíve lost it completely. They talk about the 11 dimensions, these are scientists talking like that. You only have physics going into the occult element with these kind of things so I take it seriously but the Skull and Bones, thereís a lot of nonsense behind it. Or a lot of crappy ideas behind it. Thatís what Iím trying to get to. The idea of the understanding of humanity and sort of white power is very racist that they have. They have a very fascist way of looking at life and a very old fashioned world kind of politics. This is actually where Bush gets his ideas from. He comes from Skull and Bones. What theyíre actually thinking of is the New World Order that theyíre talking about. If you look at the American dollar there is this pyramid on there with the New World Order which illuminates where they spring from. Not to mean that we can take all these things completely seriously but it shows the direction of how some people think there. Sometimes we have to dig to find out why politics in America get done that way. The Skull and Bones people control America. They have the people pretty much everywhere. There was a book that I read from a German guy called Skull And Bones: The New Leadership Of America and he was revealing things that were scary. That even how the Skull and Bones logo which is essentially the same as the German SS had. The Skull and Bones logo.

I was told there was an organization in Germany called the Thule Society. Thatís all mixed in together from what I understand.

Hitler was invented by a black occult community which is in Switzerland which was the Thule Organization. They had the swastika. These symbols do actually have an effect on people. Itís a very difficult thing to understand without certain occult fundamentals. If you donít know certain spiritual things then life is very difficult to understand. How Hitler was really possible. They knew a lot of black occult things that people had forgotten. The scary thing is that there really is a connection to George Bush, father Bush, and grandfather Bush.

His grandfather provided Hitler with financial support.

England and America were the main money givers. When you try to find out what youíre dealing with, whatever next President America is going to have, you have to try to find out if heís a Skull and Bones man. If he is a Skull and Bones man, you will have the same sort of quality in politics just with a different mask.

Our last election was between George Bush and his cousin. John Kerry is his distant cousin.

You know John Kerry is also Skull and Bones. Itís just a show. Itís just a theater that gets done in front of people to fool you so that you have a choice. They both do the same kind of politics. Itís just on the cover that they have different kinds of things. They have different opinions about things but as long as theyíre Skull and Bones men, they have the same sort of ideologies behind it.

Yeah, thatís something Iíve read about.

I donít think Bush is even aware. I think Bush believes every word heís saying.

Have you ever heard that man give a speech? He canít even talk.

In every line that he says, he puts the word evil in twice in there and threats to freedom. He sneaks these words in every second line. Itís already a way of manipulating people.

Michale Kiske